Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Meeting

It's almost back to school time for my kids, so this week will be about getting them back onto the school schedule. And about getting me into a more structured writing schedule.

My rewrite is going well, slowly. I have almost balanced the parts between my two main characters, and hopefully after this week, I will be able to sew them back together.


1. Finish advancing two main characters to the meeting point
2. Polish to that point
3. Transitions/ notes

I think I can accomplish those goals. What goals do you have?


  1. Writing, writing and more writing this week. Actually hope to have more words for 13 black cats before the retreat. And since Garlic will not be ready in time to send off to a particular editor by Labor Day, I'm giving it a bit of a rest.

    Editing large chunks is very tiring.

    Good luck with your polishing and intertwining phase!

  2. That's good to have something to write forward as you revise something else. I'm sticking to one project right now, since I am guilty of shallow follow-through. I'm afraid I would give up on the tedious revision for the joy of writing something new. And that keeps me going, since my next novel is simmering right now, ready to boil over onto the page. (Did I mix enough metaphors there?)

  3. Sarah-- Good luck with the forward momentum for the week!