Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Meeting

My goals for this week are the same as last week-- finish the first half of revisions and sew the pieces back together. I had a wonderful meeting with my critique partner, and am very excited with the direction the book is going. THANKS, R! That being said, I could use a bit more time to work on it. But, not all days are conducive to writing. I am in the final days of getting my kids ready for the new year at school.

Today it even feels like fall. I love the relaxed days of summer, but the quick pace change in September really gets me moving. Hopefully it gets my writing going, too.

September also, more than January brings about goal setting for the year. I'm definitely on the school calendar. What are my hopes for my children this year? What do we want to accomplish? What do I want to accomplish? It's a time of new beginnings.

I read a short interview with Author Sara Zarr, and I love how she describes earthly happiness as "living in the moment with no shame about the past or fear for the future." I think that pretty well describes success.

So, I'm aiming for that kind of success for this year, and to finish those pesky revisions this week.

How about you?

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