Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Monday Meeting

Hello everyone! I've been missing all of you.

A ton has happened in my real life in the past couple of weeks. I had a long driving trip with the kids, then the start of their school, and I've also been working on my son's newly renovated room.  My husband did an amazing job of totally redoing the space.  It's AWESOME!!

I bet you think you're getting a picture of the room.  Nope.  Instead, feast your eyes on my husband and I meeting DAR WILLIAMS.

My incredible husband recently surprised me with tickets to a Dar Williams concert, and we stuck around to get a picture.  (How cool is that--the surprising and the sticking?!) Dar is one of my favorite musicians--she weaves beautiful stories throughout her songs.  She's also written actual stories--two middle grade books--AMALEE and LIGHTS CAMERA, AMALEE.  See--I'm holding a signed copy in my grubby mitts.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I read AMALEE, but Dar did a wonderful job of capturing what it feels like to be 11.  She has an excellent middle grade voice.

So, this picture is my inspiration to get back into writing after a few summer months off.  Inspiration because my husband is such an amazing every day support, and inspiration because Dar's music helps me get into my writing groove.  My plan for this week?  To just write (revise).  Every. Single. Day.  And to start visiting your blogs again.

How are you getting into your groove?  What's your plan or goal for the week?  How did your summer treat you?  Met any of your favorite famous people recently?  What's your inspiration this week?

Thanks for sticking around during my blogging break!  


  1. Hey, first comment! I'm off to yoga but just thought to look for you here for a second! And there you were. Love the pic! And the inspiration is fabulous. Welcome back to just writing a revising! It's a life isn't it? Or a second life, really!

    word ver: rehoot I think that means we are to enjoy the revision. What is your interpretation?

  2. Welcome back, Heather!!
    Great photo!
    I love that: "just write and revise. Every. Single. Day."

  3. Welcome back! Will just imagine the renovation photo---I'm imaging lime green and bright pink, since you wouldn't show a photo! :)

  4. Glad to have you back. I love that you waited around to get Dar's signature. That's always fun.

  5. YAY, Heather! Welcome back, and I don't know Dar Williams but I am all excited to listen!! And hurray for coming back ready to write! Woo hoooo and lots of success to youuuuuu!

  6. Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to take some time off. Having written a lot over the past four years, I just feel like I need a break. It feels great!

  7. Tina--I'm rehooting through my revisions right now!

    Paul--Yay for just getting some writing in! It's great to see you!

    Anita--Pinks and greens, huh? That is actually the guest room. Although the pink is actually a deep burgundy-purplish color.

    Hi Patricia!! It's great to be blogging again. It'll be even better to be writing!

    Marisa--I'll have to send you some links to my fav. Dar Williams songs. I had some technical difficulties this morning, and didn't want to jinx getting my first blog post in a while up.

    Beth--I hope you come back to writing refreshed! I agree--giving myself permission is big--and I hardly ever do it well. Summer is a forced writing break. And, it's great to come back to writing at the end!

  8. I love seeing you in action. It looks like you had a great time!

    Word ver is TWITTED.

  9. Welcome back, Heather! Forcing myself into the groove. Setting the timer even! Painful.

  10. Summer is an extremely hard time to write. But as with you, now that my kids are in school, I'm trying to make the most of my writing time! Welcome back! We missed you.

  11. Glad you had a good vacation. I was in a great groove last week when I was on vacation. Made my goal in cutting words in my manuscript. School just started and lots of volunteer opportunities for the next week or so so I know my progress will be slow.