Thursday, September 30, 2010

Popping the Bubble

Today I'm bursting the small bubble that I've been living in for the past couple of weeks.  We've had an awesome visit with family, and were so sad to see them off to Hawaii.  I wish they could have stayed longer!  I had a ton of fun within the bubble, but now it's time to get back to writing and life on a larger scale.  But those bubble moments are priceless.  When there is nothing in life worth paying attention to except what is right in front of me at the time.  

And, I admit, getting "back into things" (things=writing, and blogs and online stuff) is daunting.  So, as I told a good friend, I'm just going to pretend that I was never away.  I'm starting up my Friday Features again next week, so be sure to stop by and check in during the interviews.  I'm trying to finish revisions before NaNo, and brainstorm enough to start a new project then.  What are you working on this week? 


As you can clearly see, I am not literally inside the bubble.  But Cowgirl and her cousin are. I am the one with the camera in the mirror in the background. 


  1. Welcome back!
    Can't wait until the Friday Feature.

    I am setting myself up good for a November full of new writing. It's a new school year and the evenings have started to get cool around here. I'm looking forward to a fall full of empty pages!

  2. can't wait for more interviews. You do such an amazing job and such a great thing for the authors! Nice photo! I've just posted a few shots of my summer on my blog too.

  3. Whoa, the mention of NaNo . . . time if flying by. I'll be looking forward to your Friday Features again. Welcome back and happy writing!

  4. Happy to have you back! I like that, just jump back into your routine no need to test the waters.

    I'm working with my NaNo writing group and have been expanding on a writing prompt while I bide my time for Nov. 1.

  5. Just back from a crazy wonderful crtique weekend retreat. All 3 visiting editors want to see the complete manuscript when I'm done. Um, time to get cracking or rather writing.

  6. Those family moments are so important. So don't feel bad being in the bubble for awhile. You'll be so glad you did when your kids are grown.

    I've been working on cuts to my manuscript. Under 70,000 words. Yea! And revising my query. You were right. It's too focused on the bad guy, not the main character. Sigh. I'll get it right one of these days.

  7. YAY Friday Features! They really keep me going!

    I am glad to have you back, as though you were never gone.

  8. Welcome Back! Glad you had fun--I still can't believe summer is over, and it's October!

  9. It's always hard to transition from the writing bubble to real life bubble! One day at a time, right? Welcome back!

  10. Tina--I love the idea of fall empty pages getting filled up!! Yay fall!!

    Terry--You always have the most amazing pictures on your blog. I think I might email and ask if I can have a copy of the blade over the water. That was amazing!!

    Lori--Hello!! Thanks so much for the welcome back!

    Patricia--Sounds great. I love the prep and anticipation of NaNo. It's a fun time.

    Sarah--I love that you go to weekend retreats all the time. That must be creatively stimulating!

    Natalie--Thanks for letting me off the hook! Family definitely comes first. Queries are so hard--mine isn't where it needs to be either.


    Kris--I put up Halloween ghosts up yesterday, and it's kinda blowing my mind!!

    Laura--One day at a time is a great way. One foot in front of the other, one word after another.

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  12. Hi Heather,
    Welcome back!!
    I'm glad you had fun with family. Those are important and precious times.

    Good luck finishing those revisions!

    I'm trying to finish up a first draft of a novel. I think I've got the ending figured out--finally. It took a while, even with an outline (or at least my version of an outline).

  13. Paul--Good luck finishing the draft. It always feels good to nail the ending, even if it is going to change in revisions. Congrats on the progress!!

  14. POP! I have been distracted by visitors too! Back to the pile of stuff my editor sent me last week!

  15. Jo--Welcome! That must be daunting--a pile of stuff from the editor. Nothing like the external world popping your bubble!

  16. I'm brainstorming right now, trying to get going on a new story while I wait out query wars.

    Thanks for stopping by today. It was so nice to see your face! :-)

  17. Welcome back from vacation, lady. You know, a long time ago, I filled out the answers to your Friday Feature questions but never sent them to you. Forgot about it until now. Very contrite and sorry.

  18. Shannon--You're welcome. I've been doing much more skimming and lurking at blogs recently, but I'll get back into commenting!! I like query wars. LOL. I hope you find something to sink your teeth into!

    Ray--I guess I'll just have to dip you into a vat of boiling oil. :) You're always welcome to send questions when you finish them--it's never too late, and I don't put people into the queue unless I have answers in my hot hands (except for a few exceptions). So it's non-stress all around. Non-stress is big with me!! Glad to see you here, RV!!

  19. Wow, no posts in October?! Where's my H?