Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set, Friday Feature!!

Phew.  I'm here.

*poking at the cobwebs*

*giving up*

Halloween calls for cobwebs, anyway.  And why should my blog be cleaner than my house?  Thanks for sticking around through all the dead air here, at Edited.  I'm fired up to jump back in.

I am simmering my new novel until it boils over, right in time for Nano, I hope.  I'm also picking up the revisions and attacking them slowly.  But I am thrilled with how they are coming along, and I'm excited for the next couple of months as a time to pick up the pace after a very slow end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall.

I hope you join me next week when I kick-start the next round of Friday Features.  Upcoming featured writers are Janice Hardy, and Sarah Dooley.

 Janice's book, BLUE FIRE, just arrived on bookstore shelves.  It's the second in THE HEALING WARS series. Congrats, Janice!

And LIVVIE OWEN LIVED HERE, Sarah's debut book, came out August 17th.  Woo-hoo, Sarah!!

So, consider this a homework assignment, if you so choose to accept.  Grab their books from the library or bookstore, and read before the next couple of Fridays.  Not only will you have great questions for the writers about their writing techniques, but you can add to the discussion about their books as well.  And, if you are unfamiliar with the Journeys Toward Publication Friday Feature protocol, check out the interviews in my blog roll over on the right. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

To recap: Janice Hardy.  Sarah Dooley.  BLUE FIRE. LIVVIE OWEN LIVED HERE.  An opportunity to talk with these authors on the next two Fridays.  Come hang out.  Enjoy the discussions. I'd love for you to be here.  *hugs* *high fives* fist bumps* 


  1. *Fist bump*

    So excited for the parties to get started!!

  2. Cool! I love Janice Hardy's books and her blog has amazing advice on the craft of writing. I can't wait.

    Glad your revisions are going well.

  3. SO exciting to have a new novel SIMMERING! I'm jealous!

    I've just taken the last one off the stove. It's cooling down, and I keep checking on it and stirring it.

    As for the next one ... I'm still looking for the recipe.

  4. I read LIVVIE OWENS last month and liked it a lot. (and wrote about it here:

    I'm interested in reading her answers to your questions.

    (and welcome back!)

    -- Tom

  5. J--right back at you!!

    Natalie--I connected with Janice after you talked about her blog during your Friday Feature. I'm excited!

    Dianne--I love the picture you've painted in my head. Stirring and letting things cool down sounds so much more awesome than revising. Maybe I just need to change my cooking habits!

    Tom--I enjoyed your LIVVIE review. It's so nice to get to know the authors behind the books! Thanks for the welcome back.

  6. I've ordered my copy of Blue Fire! Can't wait.