Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Meeting: Robert IRL

Recently, I have been trying to get back into the swing of things, after a couple of busy summer non-writing months.  I have taken my writing partner's advice.  Instead of fighting my muse, I am "following my energy; going with the flow." Excellent advice, I believe.  I am not abandoning my revision, but I am working on it in smaller batches of time, and giving it space.  (Pun intended?  Maybe.)  And I am thrilled to be working on something new.  I made a soundtrack, which always helps me get into the writing mood, and into the heads of my characters.  Yay for a breath of fresh air in my writing!

Who gave me such excellent advice?  Why Robert, of course.  Anyone who spends time at Robert's blog probably recognized his voice right away.  But, the most special thing wasn't the advice, or even who was giving it, but the way it was delivered.  IN THE FLESH--THREE-D.

Between hugs and awesome food.

I have severely missed Robert since he moved cross-country, and when we met on Friday, it felt as though time didn't even skip a beat since our last weekly writing meeting, nine months ago.  Time wrinkled, and we fell right back into our routine.  Fabulous routine.

This is our table at Andala. Our cafe. From its website:  Andala, the name of the nightingale’s song, brings the authentic tastes of the Old City of Jerusalem to Central Square in Cambridge. 

How cool is that?!

Andala, for me, is as much about deliciously spicy smells as anything else.  I'm always tempted to tell the waiter, "Bring me whatever that is that I smell."  (I think I've actually said that on occasion.)

  Robert at our table, gazing out at the twinkling lights outside.

How loving and direct is Andala's staff?  And patrons at ease enough to remove their footwear?  Such a homey place!

Here we are together, and another glimpse of the cool Andala atmosphere.

And, finally, on our way out, here's Robert looking all svelte on the outdoor patio.

Sigh.  I miss Robert already.  But at least I know that the next time we talk writing at Andala, it will feel as though no time passed at all between our gatherings.  Because that's what it's like with good friends.

Did everyone notice how much better I'm getting at bringing home proof from my IRL adventures?

Any adventures to report?  What have you been up to?  What is your goal for the week?  How's your writing life?  


  1. Sometimes writing/revising in shorter time spurts works just as well. Glad you are getting in the groove.

    I just finished a set of revisions cutting my word count to under 70,000 (more than 8,500 words cut). I'm planning to read it one more time and be sure I didn't cut too much and be sure the flow works well. It'll probably take a few weeks because I have to write in shorter spurts. But I'm happy with my progress.

  2. Yay, I'm glad you and Robert got to see each other! And he did give you excellent advice - follow the creative energy. I'm doing that a bit as well this week. I'm still working on revisions but I've also started working on a picture book (haven't written one of those in years!). Happy writing!

  3. Ah, how awesome! What a great post, and so glad you got to see each other!! Follow your energy and go with the flow... I LIKE that very much!!

    And YAY, shiny new project! So awesome Heather!

  4. I'm very proud of you for bringing your camera! Great pics!
    I have been in a similar spot. My summer has been spilling into my fall and I haven't found my groove quite yet. Also, we found out last week that we will be putting our house up for sale so the next two weeks will be mostly about decluttering, repairing and painting!

  5. I really loved those photos. Keep them coming. I'm glad you two had a great reunion. I hope the next one is not too distant in the future.

    My most recent adventure was running the Equinox Marathon on Saturday. Fall colors were peaking. It's a pretty grueling course with a 4500 foot cumulative elevation gain and then the same loss over the 26.2 miles. My legs are sore but I'm happy:-)

  6. That must have been so nice! It's so hard when friends move away. And yes, sometimes we have to give revisions a break to work on something new. You'll know when to get back to it!

  7. How nice you shared this with us. Love reading about friends connecting.
    I like the writing advnice you received!
    This week, I'm getting my ARC's!

  8. Looks like a fun reunion! Glad you got to meet up. It's sad when friends move, especially when it's too far away to visit regularly. I love the smell of spicy food :) Have fun writing on that new something.

  9. What a fun read. Thanks for sharing this moment. I have also slowed down on editing my revisions but haven't forgotten about it completely. I found a writing group and have been enjoying our weekly sessions. I've learned a lot about myself as a writer. And I'm eager for NaNo and the feel of writing something new, like you.

    Enjoy your shiny new project!

  10. Um, wow... so I enter the blogosphere for the first time after returning from vaca & there we are in letters and photos! It was sooooo great seeing you, Heather! Congrats on the new work and listening to yourself! (Those were three sentences and three exclamation points...)

    It was amazing how it felt that no time had passed. Time as a folded piece of paper - folded right, most points connect. (Did I get that right and did I steal it from Ms. L'Engle?)

    Yay for writing and for community!

  11. I'm back, but only to give you a blogging award. Go over to my blog to retrieve it. You rock!