Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Meeting

Yay! The first Monday Meeting in 2010!

This week I am focusing on gaining some momentum. Life intervened at the end of 2009, and I lost all of my speed in my revisions. I'm hoping that this means that I will come at them with a fresh set of eyes, even if I am falling behind in my big picture goals. (Already? And it's only January 4th!) I'm looking forward to the fresh start.

So this week, I will just focus on setting aside a time each day to revise, or think about my revisions. And I'm going to print out my long term goals so that I STAY ON TARGET...

Stop by Anna's--she's giving away Shiver and The Maze Runner. (You'll meet her in more depth if you stop by here in 11 days, hint, hint.)

And, you just have a few more days--until January 15th--to download Maureen Johnson's Christmas present to us all, a free copy of her book, Suite Scarlett. C'mon everyone, you know you want to make me jealous of your new Kindle...

And, I'm excited to jump start 2010's Friday Features: Journeys Toward Publication and Beyond. This Friday is an interview with the genuinely nice and down to earth Tracy Edward Wymer. You can prep for the question/answer session by heading over to his blog, crossing chalk.

Where are you posting your resolutions/ goals? What are you setting out to accomplish this week?


  1. You can do it, Heather!

    I made a list of the things I want to accomplish this year and most if it involved revision, so I guess that's what I'll be focusing on. :-)

    Thanks for linking to my book giveaway!

  2. I made a big long list this morning of all the things I need to do both in writing and life. It is enough to make a person give up on this year before it's even started!! So if I slow down and just think of this week, maybe I will begin to make revision plans... Somehow your blog has a way of making me feel hopeful and focused. Perhaps because of all the real people here.

  3. I have my goals in my mind, but it is a good idea to write them down (and hold myself accountable!). If I post it, I may be even more driven to accomplish them!! I need to do that.
    Good luck in 2010, Heather!

  4. Thanks Anna! One of the biggest things that I've learned in my writing life is that things never quite go as I expect it. So I have to be flexible.

    You and I both will be focusing on revision. Have you seen the 'top ten questions (Dutton) editors ask themselves' that has been floating around the blogsphere? It's great for thinking about revision, and it's at

    Thanks for doing the book giveaway. I have my fingers crossed!

  5. Tina--I'm so happy that you feel at home here. My main reason for starting this blog was to make me feel hopeful and focused. I'm tickled that it would do that for someone else. And I agree, there are some very nice people here.

  6. Kelly--For me it is 'out of site, out of mind' So I'm hoping that posting them up front and center will keep me focused.

    Good luck to you, as well.

  7. im doing a New years Revolution and listing all the promises Im going to break :) happy new year!

  8. You've got great goals and this is a great year to meet them!

  9. Shelli--Your Revolution made me laugh. Thanks for that!

  10. Sarah--Welcome! Good luck meeting your goals in 2010 too!