Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Feature: Journeys Toward Publication and Beyond: Open Thread

I have really enjoyed getting to know some of the writers out here in blogland, and thought I would take a week to open up the discussion, and find out where you are. So. The Big Picture. Where are you in your journey toward publication and beyond? What is your immediate goal? (I'm talking deadlines, people!) What is your reach-for-the stars goal?

I'll start.

I'm revising a fantastical Middle Grade novel. My goal is to start subbing this novel to agents in the beginning of the new year. I'm going to say February. (Now that a deadline is out there, I have to stick to it!)

I'm also overhauling my fantasy YA novel from NaNo. I hit 50,000 words, but lack an ending. And, it has some some seriously floundering parts in it. So in March, while I'm waiting on agent interest, I will go full force into overhauling and revising that one.

My immediate goal is to get serious about polishing my middle grade for submission. To stick to my deadline, and to have something (great!) to submit.

My reach-for-the stars goal is to snag an agent and get on the path to publication. Well, it's actually to see my books in print and to make this writing life a profession.

Now that I'm accountable to you for my self-imposed deadline, I'm going to spend today carving out how to get there.

I'm looking forward to finding out where you are on your journey, and what your deadlines are, self-imposed or otherwise. Chime in!


  1. I think it's good to do something like this to give yourself some clear ground to stand on, with regard to where you are and where you are going with your work in progress.

    So, I'll share with you where I'm at.

    1. I've been working on my main novel called Trueborn for a while now. I was running into some misunderstandings regarding word count and so I thought I was farther along then I actually was. Now that I really know how much I have left to do, I'm actually running into a new snag. I'm finding that, because my novel is heavily based on vampires, my timing is probably not the best since the publishing world has become a bit saturated with vamp novels... SO, now I'm putting that project on hold and I'm going to start one of my other novels. Not sure which novel to start with, but once I decide, I'll start setting some goals.

    My overall goal is to get at least 1 novel published. It's more for myself to prove I can do it, than for riches or fame lol.

  2. I'm about to start work with my editor on my debut middle grade novel, Dogsled Dreams, due out in 2011. I can't wait to begin getting those red letters from a professional.

    In the meantime, I've just finished the first draft of my second dogsledding novel. This time a YA. I'm considering subbing to agents with this one after it's polished to a brilliant shine. Which may take a while!

  3. You already learned quite a bit about me with my interview, and you can read more rambles about my goals on my blog today, but for the most part, I'm pulling back on goals and focusing on practice and quality. I think that's really what I need this year. : )

    I can't wait until you start subbing to agents! If you don't blog about it, I'd love it if you kept me updated by e-mail. I really do love following the journeys of my blog friends, and would love to give you whatever support you might need.

    Have a great weekend, Heather!

  4. I am in the final, Final, FINAL stages of re-re-re-editing my fantasy novel, Eternal Knight. My goal is to send my first query letters out on January 19th.

    My dream:
    1) To be published by a legitimate publisher.
    2) To do a book signing (even if just my parents show up).
    3) To get a picture of my book on a shelf (right between Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and Frank Herbert's Dune).

  5. My mentor (>100 books published) is gushing about the new book I'm working on, so all of my attention has gone in that direction. I have some time off coming up really soon and hope to spend a lot of it working this one into first draft shape. In other words - getting all the chapters written at least once.

    My mentor also told me what kind of needle in the haystack editor I will need to find for this book. Hm. So I guess I'll be doing some researching. I have my eye on an agent to send to once I'm ready. I need more than one. (Way lofty goal would be only needing the one, of course)

    Writing the query for this one will be an interesting experience. No idea how to go about it yet.

    I have other irons near the fire, but only lying across the back bricks now.

  6. Heather, this is hard!

    I have a book that is nearing the bitter end of its editing life. A YA realistic fiction almost "problem" novel with some magical realism elements. Ha!

    And I have three novels at their critical beginnings, one just a fledgling, all middle grade I think.

    I will say by February I would love to be sending out queries. I always say these things and in the end something holds me up. Revision on a certain part taking longer than I think. Having unrealistic expectations. And I really like what Casey said about focusing on practice and quality is an attitude I'd like to foster on my next novel. So I am going to pick out the one of the three I'm least invested in and try to write words on that every day. Or just use my imagination on it everyday.

    Great exercise!

  7. Voidwalker--that is a tough thing to gauge--when a type of book is on the downswing. I would just write whatever type of book you need to write. Who knows what the publishing gods will decide is the next big thing?
    It's great that you have other things on the backburner. Good luck picking a project and setting goals! Come back and let us know what you decide.

  8. TerryLynn--That is exciting news! I'm glad you aren't fearing the red letters. It means you are that much closer to your goals! Thanks for sharing your progress, and keep us informed--I'd love to hear how the journey is going!

  9. Casey--I just rambled a bit in the comments on your blog. I wish you success in everything that you take on in 2010!

    I'm not sure how much I'll say on the blog about subbing--we'll see. I'll keep you posted, though!

  10. Matt-that is exciting! Let us know how the subbing process unfolds. I love Heinlein's books. And I love your goals. Good luck on the 19th! (And after as agents read your work.)

  11. Sarah--That is really cool about your current work! It is wonderful when someone validates your hard work. Good luck getting all the pieces together, and that's great that you have some time to devote to the writing. You have piqued my interest. It sounds like something extraordinary!

  12. Tina Lee-- Good luck finishing with the polishing--it's exciting to get to that point. And it's nice that you have multitude projects to choose when you want to draft (or dream!). Let us know how the subbing process unfolds!