Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Monday Meeting

Since it's my blog, and I'm all powerful here, I am able to make today Monday. And yesterday was Superman's birthday. Every superman deserves a supermom to create a super birthday. In that spirit, there was the driving to far away IKEA, the buying of the new bed, the putting together of said bed, the cake baking, the gift-wrapping, and the party hosting. But no blogging.

Now there is blogging.

I thought I would start out with some thanks. Thanks to all the wonderful writers who contributed so much to this blog with their insightful interviews. Thanks Erica, Bryan, Paul, and Casey! All the interviews are under a link to the right, if anyone missed one.

Thanks to all of you followers for all your supportive comments. I love the respectful community that we're building here. I appreciate that you take the time to visit.

Thanks to my critique partner for all that he has done and been for me this year. Thanks, R! I would not be here, in my writing world, without your pushing, pulling and support.

Thanks to all the supportive writers and agents and publishers who blog and make me feel a part of this world.

And, one more thanks, wrapped up in a progress report:

Last week my writing was derailed (again, or still) due to all sorts of things, including being supermom for three kids during the holiday season. Just when I decided to turn my back on my writing, I clicked over to Erica's blog and her recent post, "Today, You're a Writer." It got me right back on track. Thanks again, Erica, for always being there, even when you have more than your fair share on your plate. Everyone, go check it out, and then come back and tell me what you are doing this day, this week, as a writer.

What am I going to do? I am going to write. I think that is going to be my only goal during the holiday season.


  1. Now that is the cutest Superman I have ever seen! And kudos for being a supermom :)

  2. Thanks for such an encouraging post. I'm in the middle of two rewrites. I hope to finish one before setting off on a trip a week from now. We'll see?

  3. Good for you! Except for one great critique group meeting, one magazine submission and a few days of revisions, I've ignored my writing this month. It's so busy! I'm hoping to finish my revisions by mid January and start subbing soon!
    Happy Birthday to Superman! :)

  4. Stephanie-- He is an awesome kid. And about the supermom thing--I've found that if I don't pat myself on the back, I go a little crazy. I make tons of mistakes, but I try very hard to be a supermom.

  5. Paul--I'm cheering you on. And I'm hoping that you'll send something my way as soon as you feel ready.

  6. Kelly--Thanks for the birthday wishes. I really need to set a subbing goal for myself. Something to aim for. Congrats at giving yourself a breather, and for the mid-January goal.

  7. I'm reevaluating my goals and making plans for 2010. Giving serious consideration to my current writing approach and what needs to change. But I know, at the least, I'm a writer, despite what I didn't accomplish this year.


    Today, I'm a writer. Thanks Erica. Thanks Heather!

  8. Way to go Supermom! This is the season where the light shines almost constantly in the sky for Supermoms to save the day with holiday cheer(and birthdays!) and rarely does the light shine calling the writerly self. So thanks for Erica's post, it's like you are also Superblogger. I think posting Monday on a Tuesday is the least of your due. I wish you a Merry Writing week and hope for one of my own.

  9. Casey--Re-evaluation can be difficult. And many times it's necessary because things didn't match up with expectations. For instance--I didn't believe that revising would take this long, or that the process would involve so many ups and downs. I knew it would be hard--but I didn't know it would be this kind of hard.

    Know that I am here if you need something while you re-evaluate. Good luck with it. You aren't alone.

  10. Tina--Thanks for the cheerleading! Your support is wonderful. I hope you holiday continues to be fun for you and your family. I hope that you have a fantastic writing week. That you find joy in the season, and in your writing!