Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Meeting

Healness. That was the word verification that I had to type in on a blog comment. Healness! That sounds like the perfect thing to be working toward. I wish everyone healness today, this week, this year.

What would healness look like? Making strides toward wholeness, I imagine. Because what is healed must be whole. But right now I feel pretty whole. A whole person moving in the direction of her goals. It's a good place to be, as long as my feet keep moving. And my hands keep typing. Which brings me to the Monday Meeting:

My goal last week was to find some time each day to work on writing. This week, my goal is to ACTUALLY WRITE during that time. I don't know why it is so tough to get back into writing--any ideas? I've been doing research, but no actual writing.

But last week was an amazingly productive week aside writing. I developed and started teaching a wonderful Sunday school class connecting 6th graders with the church service through art projects. I reached out to two of my closest childhood friends to help them through some very dark times, and I settled back in to life after visiting with my step-sister and half-brother to help them over the death of their mother. And celebrated my Harry Potter's 10th birthday. And I exercised every day. It was actually quite a full week. In fact, it felt like two weeks.

I'm hoping that I get so much writing done this week that it feels like two weeks worth of words. What are your goals? Any inspirations for getting me back into the swing of things? What do you do when your week gets too chaotic to write?


  1. When my week gets too chaotic - I realize that some things have to come first. And I tell myself that a break is always good. The next week, I can have a fresh start.

    I'm revising right now. But I am looking forward writing from scratch again. The first chapter is always the hardest. After that, it gets easier for me to get back into the swing of writing.

    I teach children's church. In case you were interested. :)


  2. Heather, I hope you get back into the writing. This sounds simple but usually I take a few deep conscious breaths when I'm re-entering writing after a break, and I remind myself that I know how to do this.

    I used to do the same thing when I was teaching. When I had to go back after a break and felt like I'd forgotten how to be a teacher.

    My goals for the week: I'm closing in on the finishing the first draft of a novel I'm rewritng from 3rd person to 1st person. It's really turning into a new book. That's why I'm calling it a first draft.

    And I'm writing some character sketches for a new YA novel. I hope to start the actual novel soon, maybe tomorrow or the next day. I'm really enjoying the character sketches. Writing from the perspective of each character. Like, "Hi I'm so and so and..." Mostly it is backstory, but a good tool to ground me in the real story which is still unfolding in my mind.

  3. Laura--I love drafting soooo much. But I have to say I'm liking revisions too--when I can submerge myself in them. Good luck with your revisions this week.

    Definitely interested. ;)

  4. Paul--I love the breathing and telling yourself that you know how to do this--that is a wonderful idea. I'm definitely going to do that. When I start writing again. Tonight.

    It's wonderful that you can see the finishing line of your new draft. That's reassuring.

    The character sketches seem like a great tool. I might do some more of that on the revision I'm doing--some of the characters have changed a lot since the first draft. Maybe that will help me get back into things.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  5. I'm having a hard time getting back to writing after the business of the holidays, I, too, was productive last week with exercise, home organization, etc, but tomorrow I will write! Good luck to you!

  6. Kelly--It's great to know that there are others in this same boat. I'm looking forward to great things once I buckle down again.

  7. Definately others in the same boat! But it went well today for me(if never as fast as I think it is going to be). Starting is the hardest part.

  8. The research is such fun, isn't it? For the kind of stuff I write, it's a riot. This week I've researched "embarrassing first kiss stories" and "shaving testicles" to name a couple.

  9. I think I need some sort of special deadline or something. I've been trying to edit Garlic for a long time and always found something else to do or a different way to edit which entailed starting over at the beginning.

    There was a Secret Agent contest I stumbled across and I needed Garlic finished by this morning. So 3 days of solid editing and it was done - including writing the chapter in the middle which I forgot had to be written.

    And I entered the contest.

    It's that or having the new kitten which is forcing me to spend more time shut up in the guest room with no TV and fewer distractions. Hm.

  10. Tina--I agree--getting started is difficult.

  11. I love research! It's a great procrastination tool, too. And, yes I research some very cool stuff. Are you going to share some embarrassing first kissing stories?

  12. Sarah--I generally comment on five or so of the entries over at MS'sFV. Is Garlic there this week? This is so exciting. I completely need a deadline. Nano was great for me.

  13. Garlic's post 10 and Solvang Sherrie got 33. This will be fun, except I also have a ton of Clarity of Night entries to read. I was doing good at keeping up there, but now I'm falling behind.