Friday, March 1, 2013

The Next Big Things

So, I've been tagged by my awesome friend Nandini, a writer who is local to my town, and a wonderful wordsmith.

The title of the tag is The Next Big Thing, and there are questions to answer. Check out Nandini's post about her amazing book: Red Turban White Horse.

Awesome cover, right?

I'm going to take some liberties and change some of the focus of the Next Big Thing structure, and I hope that is okay with Nandini. :) I'm just going to talk about some of the Big Things in my life right now:

I'm querying what I hope will be a Next Big Thing--a YA post-apocalyptic Thriller. Fringe meets Maze Runner.

The Next Big drafting Thing is a YA cyber thriller, working title Revoltion. One sentence about it: When shy, sixteen-year-old Tryst opens the wrong virtual door at the cyber site Revolt!, what is hiding behind it makes her run for her real life.

Fun, huh? Evidently I like it when my characters have to run for their lives.

I'm writing it with the help of John Truby's amazing book, The Anatomy of Story. John Truby will always be The Next Big Thing to me. Seriously. Check it out.

The next Next Big Thing is that my thirteen-year-old son just started texting with a girl. WITH A GIRL. And he has his first dance at school tonight. It's a whole new world, people!

The most immediate Next Big Thing is that I am taking the always-fabulous Anna Staniszewski out to lunch to celebrate her new book's birthday, My Epic Fairy Tale Fail.

Great read--The MC Jenny isn't your average anything!

Anna, much like John Truby, will always be The Next Big Thing for me. She is an amazing person, writer, and friend.

I handed off my (loaner) copy of Anna's ARC to not one, not two, but THREE boys. You know, because #MyBoysReadGirlBooks and #TheresNoSuchThingAsAGirlBook

Soon, I'll let them tell you how they liked it!

And, of course, I am sitting in my gloriously The Next Big Thing loft office space for local writers. So, if you are a writer, and would like to have a quiet space to write, or a conference room for meeting with your crit group, or a place to take or give seminars, please check out my post about The Writer's Room of Requirement.

Yup, I'm shamelessly linking to my own blog there. :) That's how I roll.

And, of course, I can't wait for the NE-SCBWI Spring Conference, which is always a Big Thing in my life, but this year, I'm coordinating volunteers for it. Which is a lot of fun--I get to meet a lot of wonderful people. I have made life-long friends by attending this conference, and I'd love to see you there! Make sure to register soon, since it's getting quite full.

I am officially tagging Jon to find out what his The Next Big Thing is. :)

So, what's yours?


  1. My advice for lunch: Enjoy every sandwich!

    My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is high on my list of books to read. The first book was great fun.

    -- Tom

  2. Sounds like you've got lots going on. Good luck with the querying. Anna is going to be on my blog on Monday. I'm excited to share her new book.

  3. I love that you changed the structure to fit you! I had a hard time answering those questions myself but like the good student that I had always been, I kept within the lines. Your post is another reminder that I am no longer in school and that I should set my imagination free to find its own structure!

    Oh, and yes, I came here because Nandini tagged us both.


  4. Tom--I'm glad you liked the first. The second is both different (Jenny pulls her friends into the equation), similar (lots of funny and absurd twists), and fun. :)

    Natalie--I'll stop by and say hello! I'm excited to share in her celebration also!

    Yat-Yee--I do take a fair bit of liberty in general on my blog, and I think Nandini was okay with it. :) Great to meet you! Good luck with your book, Circle of Jade--it sounds compelling!

  5. Your post is awesome, Heather, as per usual. :)

    Revolution sounds amazing, as does the thriller you're querying (fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for that one!!!). Also good to hear about all the new and exciting things in your life. Funny how I share some of them. You're so generous to post my cover, AND give me a ride to Anna's book launch tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on her new book!

  6. Aww, thanks for the book shout out! And for an awesome lunch. :-) That is totally adorable that your son is texting with a girl. (How does he feel about you putting that on your blog, I wonder...)

  7. Nandini--Woo-hoo for all things writing! It was great to catch up with you on the way to Anna's book launch!

    Anna--Yup, he's probably not excited it's out there. Bad mom. Great book launch--sorry I was late, and sorry I was delirious from the 6 hour-hot as hell swim meet. :) It was great to see you!!

  8. Congrats to Nandini and Anna!

    Your Fringe meets Maze Runner book sounds very cool, Heather!
    A picture book of mine is being illustrated right now and the illustrator sends me sketches, and they make me ridiculously happy! So I hope that is the next big thing when it is released late 2013!

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  10. I talked about mine a little while ago, but all your stuff sounds like awesome news! I wish I could make NE SCBWI.

  11. Kelly! That's AWESOME! What an wonderful Next Big Thing!

    Matt--You know that you are invited! We'll all have to meet up at write-on-con in the summer and pretend that we are all at the same irl conference. :)