Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writer's Room of Requirement

I think it's true that the more things I have on my plate, the more things I get done--to an extent. Also, the less laundry I get done.

These days, I'm waking up at six a.m. with jabbing thoughts about that bill I have to pay, that email I have to return, that postcard I have to print out.

The postcard that I wanted to print out today was this:

I'm starting a Room of Requirement for writers.

I'm moving into the new office this week, a spacious two-room loft with skylights and character. You're welcome to come and use the writing room to work, and the conference room to discuss, gather, teach, or hang.

I'm all about making connections and building community, through blogging, writing events, and conferences. And now through sharing a community space.

So, if you live in Massachusetts, (especially around the Natick-Sherborn area) and are looking for quiet writing office space, a space to meet with your crit group, or have a book party, please email me at hegkelly (at) gmail (dot) com.

It's going to be a casual, drop in when you can kind of situation.

I feel very strongly that in order to survive this business--the business of writing toward publication, or any creative profession--I need to be consistently doing two things:

1. Striving to get to the next level with my craft while helping others do the same.
2. Seeking out professional opportunities outside the book writing arena.

I have seen too many people go off the rails because 1. they wrote in a vacuum, or at least felt like they did, and 2. their book was the only thing to hang their professional writing hat on.

I can't control the querying process, but I can control the job I do helping out with the NE-SCBWI conference or the job I do setting up a non-profit so others can come and have a writing space.

What do you need most from a writer's Room of Requirement?


  1. Am I supposed to be following twitter to find out my jobs? Because I am so distracted by twitter and have been revising this week (quite successfully I might add) so...ahem.
    I would love to drop into the R of R. I love your title for it. I would say comfortable chairs are a must.

  2. Kristen--I will send you emails with links to time slots to sign up for volunteer positions for the conference. (Probably tomorrow or Friday) I am just double checking with all the coordinators to make sure I have all the details correct before I let the volunteer spot go live.

    Awesome on the revising! Woo-hoo!

    Comfy chairs, but not too comfortable! zzzzzzz

  3. Heather,
    Are you in the upstairs loft now?? I'm back home(and horribly jet-lagged) but I so need to get there! Have to get Ravi to karate but will call you in the AM!

  4. Hi. I'm in Anna's writing group and I just heard about your writer's room. What a great name! I live right in your area, and I'd love to hear more about it!

    1. Susan, when Heather told me about the writers' room, you were one of the first people I thought of since you're so close by.

  5. "What do you need most from a writer's Room of Requirement?

    A virtual component!

    -- Tom

  6. Nandini--call, or just stop by! We're transitioning to the new office this week.

    Susan--Wonderful, I'll email you details. :)

    Anna--I'm thankful for all the great feedback about this space already, thanks for helping to get the word out!

    Tom--We can totally skype you in. :)

  7. Such a cool project, Heather! Auspicious beginnings!

  8. Tina--You know that all your community building has been the inspiration for this project. I've been missing you--let's catch up!