Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Human Moments and the State of the Desk

The State of the Desk: Thank goodness Athena is here to watch over it all. Lots of post-its, manuscripts, and endless emails coming in, which I am, indeed, thankful for--emails mean that people are stepping up to volunteer! :)
So, I've been creeping around behind-the-scenes here, and thought I would mention the creeping things.

I'm querying. Which feels a lot like I might be walking around with broccoli in my teeth (from the crepe I had with @Annastanisz last night), and nobody is telling me. But I know that can't be true. You guys would tell me. Right?!

I'm filling volunteer positions for the Spring NE-SCBWI conference. I'm even singing about it. (Don't worry, twitter isn't wired for sound...yet.) You can follow along on twitter (@HeatherGKelly) and #nescbwi, or check out the full version here.

I went to Jodi Meadow's book launch for ASUNDER at Brookline Booksmith. I was so distracted by the above tasks that I was at the launch a full two minutes before I realized that Jodi had written INCARNATE which I had read and loved. Then I was even happier to be there.  I know, #ICanBeSoDense and I promise, #ImNotACompleteFlake. I'm just having a lot of human moments right now. Would love to have more superwomen moments, though. Loved talking with @ACGaughen at the launch. I think she's all kinds of awesome.

Then I caught up with the fabulous @KristineAsselin, @AnshaKotyk, @Kiperoo, and met a couple other awesome kidlitters like @Lena_Goldfinch at Kris's fabulous meet-up. If you live in New England, check out the date of the next one in Kris's sidebar. There were not enough hours in the night to get all the talking done. (Well, there might have been enough hours, but we chose to go home and sleep through some of those.)

Phew. Lots of fun stuff this week.

So, is your desk any less post-it-y than mine? Have you gotten out for a bit of community during this long winter? What has been your flakiest moment this week? Maybe I'll give out an award. :)

To everyone attending the NY SCBWI conference this weekend: Have fun!!


  1. So you know AnnaStanisz IRL?


    When I'm writing I tend to scrawl all over the first pages of chapters. When I'm at werk, my monitors tend to have post-its all over the edges. (That I only have 5 at the moment is surprising. I usually have lots more than that.)

    -- Tom

  2. Funny, I was just contemplating whipping out the post-its during revisions. :-)

  3. Tom--yes, I am super lucky. :) She knows the best Nutella Hot Chocolate places. :)

    Anna--Gotta love the post-its!!

  4. I was having trouble putting the back on the TV remote and my daughter sighed patiently. Finally, she snatched it from me and said, "Mama, it's backwards. You are SO 20th century."
    It was a rather flaky moment, but then it led to, "What's a good comeback for 'you are so 20th century?'"
    Which made me even flakier because I kept thinking about it.

  5. Good luck with the querying. And awesome you're volunteering at the conference and networking so much.

  6. Natalie--I am blessed to live in a part of the country where kidlit writers abound. :) I have to say that I have found the Lit Rambles agent spotlights to be a wealth of information during this time--thanks for helping to keep that site going! It's wonderful.

  7. Kristen--My husband asked me today where I put our tickets for a concert, and I said, "you know better than to trust me with remembering where I put things right now." So, I guess I am pointing out my own flakiness. Normally my teenage son delights in pointing it out, like your daughter. :)

  8. Concert? Which concert? Have fun!
    And good luck with querying (and helping plan the conference). Waiting for replies is so hard!

  9. Sounds like you've been quite busy lately! I think this sort of busyness entitles you to a few human moments!

    Wishing you all the best on your querying! Let me know how it goes. I've got fingers and toes crossed for you :D :D :D

  10. I have post-it notes all over my desk and the won't be disappearing anytime soon. I have more free time on my hands to write, yay!

  11. My desk litter extends onto my bed which is awkward. My favorite flakiest moment was answering my latte instead of the cell phone while revising and getting an earful of iced latte.

  12. Hi, Heather,

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Snowing here today in Chicago.

    I am originally from NYC and wanted desperately to go to the SCBWI conference, but couldn't get away. Such a bummer. I went last year and had an awesome time.

    I hope to make the one either here in the midwest in May or the ultimate in LA in August. Such a crazy year, and it's just beginning.

    Isn't querying fun? I need to send out a few more later. Such a joy. I just received notes from a writer friend of mine to improve my first few chapters. Little things that could really help.... DO I REALLY want to do another edit? Rolls eyes. ALl part of the fun, isn't it?

    Good luck this week!

  13. Kelly--We went to Dar Williams. Which is my speed right now. Folksy and thoughtful. Maybe I'll rage again, I'm not sure though. :)

    Carolina--It's been fun. The busyness. Querying is full of ups and downs. Thanks for the crossed appendages!

    Fida--Awesome! I love the writing time. Have fun filling it!

    Pen and Ink--That's excellent. That sounds like a lot of revision FOCUS!

    Michael--Thanks for stopping by. Let me be the first to invite you to the NE-SCBWI Spring conference in May. It's so much fun. In fact, I know someone who is driving in (crazy, I know) from your area. :) I'm pretty sure a manuscript is never ever fully revised. Good luck to you to! I hope you get some querying bites!

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