Monday, March 25, 2013

Using Every Pot in the Kitchen

My youngest kids, Superman and Cowgirl, decided they wanted to make rice krispy treats.

I'm big about making my kids do stuff on their own. My friend graciously calls it, "preparing the kids, not the path." I call it, "you're old enough."

So, I pointed them in the direction of a bowl, printed out some tiny directions, and loosely supervised. You know, supervised; did work on the computer and finally thought to pay attention when I heard noises incongruous with cooking. I looked up to find them staring at a bowl filled with marshmallows, butter and rice krispy cereal.

They were wondering how to get those rice krispies out of that bowl.

Because upon closer inspection of the directions, they had sadly discovered that one doesn't add rice krispies until after one melts the butter and marshmallows in the microwave.

A hunt ensued. They needed bowls. Many pots. And strainers. And, for some odd reason, a cheese grater. All sorts of spoons, forks and pancake batter scoops. Rice krispies flew around the room and marshmallows were eaten (when they thought no one was watching).

Finally, a bowl full of relatively naked marshmallows and butter was hoisted into the microwave. I looked around the kitchen at the aftermath of what looked like a dessert war, the only casualties--mini-marshmallows and rice cereal.

My kids looked triumphant.

It seemed like they had used every pot in the kitchen.

And I wondered when the last was that I had used a cheese grater to make rice krispy treats. Or used a virtual cheese grater when I had to remove something from a first writing draft.

Or tried to solve an issue at the Writers' Loft in a non-linear, creative fashion.

If I'm not throwing everything I have into my life and into my writing, then I'm just not trying hard enough.

Those rice krispies were the best I'd ever tasted.

Please join me on Tuesday night in Burton's Grille in Westford MA, for a kidlit get together, planned and executed by the amazing Kris. (See her sidebar for more info.)

I'll be happy to answer any inquiries about the Writers' Loft, a new writing community and office space for writers in Sherborn, MA, while I'm there.

Happy word grating, everyone! :)

Do you have a secret cheese grater that you use to extract the important stuff out of that first draft? I tend to think of one of my crit partners as an effective cheese grater. LOL. What's your favorite cooking experience? What do your kids get up to when you let the explore the kitchen?

Anyone want to come and help me clean up?  


  1. Maybe a cheese grater is the secret in revising that we've all missed out on! :)

  2. Sounds like a great time! Thanks for the grating idea! (-:

  3. Laura--Right? Maybe it's the magic utensil.

    Fida--Most of the time when I let my kids "do" on their own, they have lots of fun. (Me too.) You're welcome!

  4. I am suddenly very hungry for rice krispie treats!
    See you on Tuesday!! er. Tomorrow.

  5. Perhaps the grater was to make the rice crispies even smaller?

    I find the first lesson in baking/cooking should always be cleaning up. As is the last part of the lesson. : )

    -- Tom

  6. I love the "noises incongruous with cooking" part. Sounds like they had a field day. Cleanup, not so much fun. I'm with Ansha. Rice Crispie treats sounds so yummy right now!

  7. I need one of those word graters. :)

    I love how you just let your children go at it. I'm too much of a hoverer!

  8. Your kids are lucky. What you pay for in clean-up time now, you will reap in untold rewards later! I'm sure of it. I love to hear about you and the kiddos!