Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Monday Meeting: Sick Daze

I had a fabulous time at the NESCBWI conference, came home, and promptly got sick. For a week. Urgh. Sometimes when I'm sick, I can still write, still blog. But this illness made my head all funny. I said weird things, and made up words. Hmmm. Maybe I should have been writing something twitchy and MG. Oh well. Instead, I hid from the general public for a week.
I was like this old cat in the drawer, hiding out last week.
Pip is actually being very brazen since old cat just might lash out.

But I'm mostly better now, except for the pain in my ear which makes me wonder if I have an ear infection. TMI? For sure.

I'll post about NESCBWI soon, and try not to replicate all the great posts already written about the conference. The highlight of my weekend was FINALLY meeting Alicia, and hanging out with Laura, Kris, Martha, Anna, Natasha, and Jen. As well as making new friends. Oh, and giving an impromptu pitch to an awesome agent.

More on that later. On the writing front, I'm pleased with where I am in both the projects I'm working on. I can't wait to do some quality writing this week. I'm rewriting, revising and drafting all at one time, and I enjoy the diversity of it all. My writing goal is to make some serious headway this week, to catch up on blogging and commenting, and to continue having fun with TwitterGames.

Oh, and we're starting up WIBIJ again. Soon. So be on the lookout!

Let me know what you are working on this week. How are you doing in your writing life? Are you keeping up with your goals? Feeling inspired? Needing a push? 


  1. That's pretty funny that you went in thinking low key. Def. always be prepared. Of course, that's never happened to me before!

    I'm just trying to get as much done before the kids get out of school!

  2. Happy you're feeling better. There's some kind of crud going around that settles in the ears, my friend had it. Took about a week for that to clear up.

    Loved your cat pics! What fun!

    I'm awaiting my editor's final edit for my self-pub. *picture me like Halloween cat*

  3. So sorry you were sick, but so glad you're on the mend!

    For the record, The White One loves drawers, especially if there are black shirts he can dirty up.

  4. Glad you're feeling (mostly) better!

    I'm a little frustrated with my writing life. I love my new project, but I've had non-writing life things come up for the past week and haven't gotten any writing done. Then I leave for a con tomorrow, and a wedding over the weekend, and a mini-vacay with el hubster until next Wednesday. SO. I won't have much writing time until then. Sigh. BUT hopefully I'll be so ready to get back into it that the words will flow fast and easily :)

  5. Laura--I think we should MAKE that happen at all future conferences. Who's with me?!

    Kittie--That sounds so exciting! I'm going to drag my ear to the doctor's today, I think.

    Alicia--I've given up with the cat hair thing. :) It's a good thing we love them all.

    Sara--I was super frustrated to come home all pumped up from the conference, only to not be able to write for a week or so. But I'm getting the momentum back now. I hope your time off is good for your real life, and your writing life!

  6. sick for a week? bleh. good thing you had a good time leading up to it.

    writing? what's that?


  7. Ooo, I am joining SCBWI today actually...I'm so excited. The reginal conference for my area is in September. I ahve heard great things about these. Can't wait to hear how your time was.

    I love your blog btw:)

  8. Sorry you were sick! Glad you're better...

    It was so cool to hang out with everyone at the conference! And live pitching--OMG. I have and agent and I was terrified to pitch in front of a group. (Note to self: must do better.)

    I've totally been in procrastination mode since we've been back. Thinking about new WIP, but not doing anything.

    I've got to put together some goals for the summer...

  9. Sorry you were so sick. I've recently been ill, too. It's draining. lol

    Can't wait to hear your adventure at the conference. I so wanted to go.

  10. I'm sending you feel better thoughts right now. I love your cats. Hmm...I have a couple beta readers busy and am working on a cover and other pre-epubbing stuff. I'm so excited to get the next book epubbed!

  11. Glad you're feeling better. I'm sick too. I'm just going to work and trying to blog. It's all I have energy for. Glad you're getting lots of writing in too.

  12. Well I'm glad you're feeling better. Maybe it's the conference that made you sick? Haha. I find that when I'm stressed or something, the flu hits.

  13. Glad you are on the mend!
    And Yay looking forward to some WIBIJ!

  14. So sorry you've been sick. Sometimes it's good to hide out for a while.

    All the blogs I've signed up to follow aren't showing up in my Google Reader. Only the ones I bookmarked before my blog, so now I know I have to copy each URL. I added a bunch yesterday, but they weren't there today. I added yours and it's coming through. Yay!

    I just sent my first tweet. I'll search for you so I can follow you.