Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Escape Artist

This cat may look completely angelic, but she's an escape artist. And she is supposed to be an indoor cat. Not because I'm mean, but because I've lost a furry friend to the outside before. Not fun. So the kitten lurks and lunges and leaps for the door whenever it opens. And I track her down whenever she escapes.

Superman, my middle child (in orange above), was the resident escape artist before the kitten. We were always on high alert. One Saturday I got a call from a neighbor at 6 am. She explained that Superman had walked (in pjs, no shoes) through the snow to her house. She was happy to let him hang out and watch TV for as long as I wished. I have the best neighbors.

And sometimes it is good to escape.

In case you want to escape your ms/chores/job, whatever real stuff you have on the burner, here are some excellent posts:

Erin Bow's Anti Advice at Shrinking Violet Promotions.

A book about INBOUND MARKETING, and thoughtful video.

First Page Shooter--an AWESOME blog series where two great agents dissect first pages.

I am heading to the NESCBWI conference this Friday. I had planned on just going up Saturday, but my fabulous husband took off Friday so I could go to the conference for TWO WHOLE DAYS. I'm thrilled. I've never been to two days of a conference before. I'm trying to decide whether to put myself out there Friday after the introductory stuff wraps up, you know, and be social.

Or whether I should escape to my hotel room, and write.

What do you guys think? Especially those who have gone up (and been social) on Friday. What happens Friday night?

What links and posts have you been escaping to recently? (Feel free to include your own!)

Twittergame today? #ItTakesSoLong

Because it does. :)

Play along!!


  1. I love #ItTakesSoLong. it is a brilliant one. I'm so jealous of your conference and your hotel room (really more of the room). I suggest staying away from Twitter while you are there.

  2. Oh, be social, please. :) How much writing will you be able to get done when you know the entire New England children's writing world is partying downstairs?

  3. Be social! And tell husband I think he's awesome, too!
    P.S. Tell us everything and take piictures.

  4. Enjoy the conference. They remind you you're a writer.
    My escape? Well looking through my Google Reader is one of them.

  5. T--I know it's brilliant--you are the one who made it so. :) And amusingly, the only criteria for my hotel room was that it has wifi. Well, and a bath.

    Kris--Well, you know I can't resist "playing" with other writers. But I love it that my ms is calling to me. A quiet room? All to myself?

    Anita--Husband sometimes lurks here, so hopefully he'll read that. I have to remember to charge my camera's battery...

    Pen and Ink--I'm really looking forward to the conference!

    I have never gotten a handle on the Google Reader. It completely overwhelms me. Maybe I'll get @laurapauling to give me a seminar this weekend.

  6. be social! hang at the bar until all hours of the night . . . agents and editors will be there, too!

    And then update us after you recoop.

  7. I'd love to escape my lawn.

    Have fun at the conference. It sounds awesome. I'm going to a craft one on Saturday.

  8. Definitely be social. You can always write another time. Those gatherings don't always happen!

  9. Margaret--It'll be so much fun to see everyone. I wish you all could be there too!

    Natalie--That sounds like fun! (Both the gardening and the crafting.)

    Rebecca--You're right. And I'm acutely aware that not all writers can get to a conference. I'm lucky!

  10. I'm glad you have great neighbors. It's scary when your little one is an escape artist. I guess the cat takes after him.

    I hope you had a blast at the conference.

    I mentioned you and Laura Pauling and your Twitter Game in my new blog post toward the end!

  11. Be social, because you never know who you're going to meet! Plus, what fun is a hotel room really with all 20 channels to choose from?


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