Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Meeting with David A. Kelly

I had an awesome whole day of writing (gasp!) last week, (thanks to my awesome hubby!) which vaulted me headfirst into this next Era of writing.

Yes, I'm proclaiming a completely new Era. (Who's with me?)

After reading through a couple of my projects, I realized that I now have the capability of working on more than one ms at a time. (Like chewing gum while walking, baby!) In addition to the MG ms I've described on this blog, I've also been working on a YA dystopia, which is dark and dirty and so much fun! Right now, I'm writing forward on that one, while rewriting big sections of the Middle Grade. I'm thrilled. I actually feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with this writing novels thing. :)

David A. Kelly with Cowgirl, Superman, and Euphonium Boy

Last week I took my kids to see David A. Kelly, author of The Ballpark Mysteries series. When I take my kids to a reading, I try to make it more about them and the author and less about me as a curious writer. :) David put on a wonderful show. He was gracious, kind, and funny, and answered Every. Single. One. of my kids' multitude of questions. What a ROCK STAR!

His books are tons of fun--and he's going on a 30 baseball park tour to research them. (How cool is that??) I'm hoping that soon he'll have some as books on tapes so we can replace some of our Magic Treehouse car CDs. (Not that I have something against Jack and Annie--we really enjoy them--but when I start saying their lines from memory, and gafawing whenever the author reads 'Jack asked', then I know it's time to move on.)

David also maintains a blog from the point of view of one of his main characters, Mike. Which I think is awesome. And follows in the vein that we've been talking about with younger kids being more plugged in with technology in relation to books. I love to see authors riding the crest of that particular wave.

Have you met any authors recently? What does your writing week look like? Had any breakthroughs recently? Do you have goals for the week? Fill me in!


  1. That's great you've made some breakthroughs. Both of your work sounds like fun. And it's nice to have a change of pace in writing - as in something gritty compared to something fun. And I enjoy revising one while writing the other. I'm in the revising process. :)

  2. Good luck in the new Era, Heather! I'm not sure I could work on several manuscripts at a time, though I did just revise my last manuscript AGAIN in the last few weeks instead of my current wip. So I guess I do
    And how cool that your kids loved the author event! Great pics!!!

  3. Laura--I always seem to alternate--MG fantasy then YA dystopia. Tween absurd fantasy, then dark twisted gruesome YA. I guess I'm trying not to get burned out... Good luck revising. Are you hoping to be done before a certain conference?

    Kelly--Thanks! I used to panic at the idea of doing more than one at a time. But it takes me long that if I can draft and work on an older project simultaneously, I feel momentum, and it translates to all my projects. Let me know if you need a beta at any time--I'd be happy to read (and can't remember if I offered already!).

  4. You've entered into the writing juggling act!! I've done that often in the past, but decided to fix myself on one for awhile until it's well polished.

    I haven't had the pleasure of attending any authors signings lately, but do enjoy them when I do.

  5. awe, how fun! I haven't met any authors face to face. Congrats on going forward with your projects!

  6. That's awesome you had a whole day to write. I'm trying to consistently squeeze the time in to write. And it's working. I'm revising my middle grade for voice and have started outlining a new project, also YA. We seem to be on similar paths.

  7. I love meeting authors. David sounds amazing.

    So cool that you've discovered you can work on more than one thing at a time. I'm still working that bit out. :)

  8. cowgirl has mom's head-tilt down.

    : )

    -- Tom

  9. Eileen--Welcome! I get tunnel vision a lot. I just recently started actively working on multiple projects. Even though it takes me longer to polish one thing, I think it keeps my creative juices flowing. But I think everyone has to do what works for them.


    Katie--we have some rockin' indies here, and some great author visits. I'm lucky!

    Natalie--my MG rewrite is mainly focusing on voice, so yes, we are really paralleling. We should chat. :)

    Kris--It's working well for me now--we'll see over time if it still works!!

    Tom--That apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :) My fingers are still crossed by the way...

  10. Wow, he sounds like a sweetheart. Sadly, I haven't met authors recently.
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  11. You sound like you're in such s good place with your writing! This week's goal for me: five solid hours of revising.

  12. Good for you! I've tried working on 2 wips at the same time, but I just can't pull it off yet! Maybe one day :)

  13. That's great!! Good for you and your breakthrough. AND just the past week I started working on another ms while editing my previous. I was always afraid to work on two - still a little overwhelmed and my head feels like it's arguing with itself all the time - but so much fun!

    I just need to remember there aren't swords in my sci-fi nor are there laser beams in my fantasy...