Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Meeting

Well, I'm on vacation, so who knows what my Tour de Writing count is?

 I'm sure that you are plowing ahead, though, in order to win some awesome prizes!  Please post your total word counts in the comments.  Hopefully, I'll find internet access so I can update the standings this week!

Write on!


  1. Hi Heather. Haven't been as productive as I wanted to be. Won't be ready for WriteOnCon. Boo...but I'm attempting to move forward. Hope your vacation is going well.

  2. I'm not in the Tour de Writing but just wanted to stop by the water cooler and say hi:-)

  3. i've competed draft zero, writing a total of 15,000 words.

    i've completed the first round of line edits to the manuscript. do i score one point for every line reviewed or every line changes were made in?

    i should have draft one emailed out to beta readers by mid-week, leaving me several days to concentrate on my query just in time for


  4. Since the beginning, I've gotten a total of 29,462 words, and I've gone to 12 practice sessions.

  5. 4700 words last week and 1 Practice Session. I don't ex pect to get anything done this week, though. Spirit is willing, but creative energy is low!

  6. Since the start of the tour, I have written 14,010 words :-)

  7. Since last thursday I was out of town for my hubby's Ironman triathlon and got back today, so I didn't get any revisions done. My count is the same as my last post. Tomorrow is a new day.

    I won't be ready for WriteOnCon but I can't wait for some of those panels.

    Hope your vacation is great!

  8. Have fun! The relaxation will help your writing once you're back :)

  9. Vacation!! I hope you are having a GREAT time!! And ahhhh, the idea of relaxing sounds wonderful. Enjoy it!

    My previous total was 22,583

    Last week I added 1,900 new words to my WiP, and I attended 8 TPR unplugs. So... total count for this week should be 5,900 and my total over all should be 28,483.

    Ugh. I wanted to win, but alas, the last two weeks, I have deleted twice what I've written :( Oh well! I'm still having fun :)

  10. Okay, up to 16k on the new draft as of today.
    that makes 9k from last week, which was just short of my goal.

  11. Hope vaca is great! Last week's new chapter was 2,502 words. Plus some editing of previous chapters, but I those words are accounted for in the first number of edited words.

    Have a blast!

  12. Wow, you all are rocking the tour! Look at the word counts this week! I got a measly 1750, but I finally signed up for Write On Con. Happy vacation, Heather.

  13. You have inspired people, H! Hope you are having a good time this week!

    I finished my revision and haven't done anything since! So I revised 30, 694 words(I cut it down to 22, 267--not nearly reaching my goal, but none too shabby either). I went over that group of words twice, cutting away and making it all make sense and match back to the beginning. Before that I finally finished a measly 6,000 for the beginning two weeks of the twou. And last week my practice rooms were 11 total.

    Missing you while you are gone!

  14. Um, yeah. Forging ahead. Let's see, that would be, um, 0 words edited and 0 new words written last week. Too much going on with the SCBWI Summer Conference.

    Looking to get back on track this weekend.

    Hope you're having lots of fun!

  15. Thanks everyone for stopping by and saying hi! And for leaving your word counts. Make sure to email me with your finals!!