Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Call for Tour de Writing Tallies and Feedback

For all those waiting for Tour de Writing results, you'll have to wait a little longer.  Bummer, I know.

I am busy finishing up writeoncon things, and tying up loose Tour de Writing business.  On that note, if you participated in the Tour de Writing, and haven't yet emailed me your numbers, (you know who you are) because you were so busy at writeoncon (I mean, we all were, right?!) please email me your final tallies.  You just never know who might win--maybe you.  I know I said that last Wednesday at midnight was the deadline, but this past week was all writeoncon all the time for a lot of people.  So, I want to make sure that nobody misses the chance to be awarded a prize for their hard work!  In case you forgot--my email is hegkelly at gmail dot com.

And, what worked for you for the Tour de Writing?  What would have made it better? I'd love to do another competitive writing game some time (maybe in the winter) and would love any feedback you could give me.  And, next time I'll try to not go on vacation during the darn thing!!

Still feeling my writeoncon high!! How about you?


  1. Just checking in--nothing really to report. About halfway through a first draft of my nonfic project. Can't really judge it by the word count! I loved writeoncon, too!

    It was great to see you over there--I can't believe I spent all my time in YA and missed you in the MG!!

  2. Hi, Heather!

    I don't think I'm in the running any more, but I did enjoy that Green Jersey while I was wearing it. :D

    My grand total is: 29,000 new words drafted since the beginning of the contest, and attendance at 9 TPR sessions. (This is my total for the whole contest.) I believe that makes a total of 33,500 points.

    Although I strongly suspect I will be conceding the Green Jersey to KrysteyBelle, I am very happy to have made my personal goal. I wanted to get to 50,000 words on my WIP, and I actually made it to 51,000.

    Thanks for the inspiration to make it this far!

  3. I haven't done very well with my tallies! I've been a slacker on the blogs this summer.
    Totally agreed on WriteOnCon. Loved it, it was so informative and inspiring! I saw that you were very active on it too!
    Thank you for your insight on my 250words. I am amazed how many great suggestions I got. Here I thought I was almost done with my ms, and I have so much to tweak just in the first 250 words! I'm excited to really make that better and my whole ms better after all that I've learned!

  4. If you are planning to include me, I have written 4511 words since the TdW began and I have attended nine TPRs, I think. It was very hard to count. Next year, I'll keep track.

    Last place here I come!

    But seriously, I am thankful to be where I am now.

  5. As with most conf. WriteonCon was very inspiring to jump into revision on my current wip! I'll have to find yours in mg. I didn't submit anything. I'm just not there yet!

  6. My WIP is now 20,197. About half, I think are new chapters. The other half edited b/c I'm always going back to the beginning.

    Only one Writers Room. :(

    Was WriteOnCom amazing or what. Spent most Tues & Weds there & I've FINALLY got a decent query.