Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Monday Meeting, T for Tina

Hello from Chicago, everyone!  I am having a wonderful time connecting with family, taking a break and writing while I visit relatives in Chicago.  And, I MET in Real Life, TINA!!  And I must say, that she is just as gracious and kind and supportive and wonderful in person as she is inside the computer.  I think I want to move to Minnesota.  :) Thanks, T, for coming all this way, and thanks for being you!

Unfortunately, we lacked a bit on the tech support, and I only snagged a little bit of proof that it all actually happened.

  It's a little dark, but doesn't she look super cool?  She IS super cool. This is what she was gazing at:

Yes, she's watching the awesome band, Communist Daughter.  I was duly impressed with their original songs and their harmonizing lead singers, and how versitile the band members were.  Many instruments were played, and played well.  Food for the soul. 

So, I'm pumped up after meeting Tina, and after some time to really think about writing.  I'm having fun making forward revisions on my Middle Grade novel, and hoping to finish revising the next couple of chapters before Friday. 

What are your goals?  What are your music recommendations?  Where are your summer travels taking you? 


  1. Yeah! I love real life meetings! so cool that you guys connected.

    No travel for me this summer -- except maybe local day trips. I'm in full on query mode, so my goal this summer would be to get an agent. Ha!

    At the moment, my favorite "current" band is Lifehouse. I woud have loved to see them in concert w/ Daughtry, but, alas, I missed it.

  2. Sooooooo cool that you and Tina met! Wow, a convergence of the e-life & real life... but, no, in a life that's authentic, there's not a difference between e & real. And both you guys are firmly planted in authenticity.

    Have a blast in Chicago. If you're in the loop, Arists Cafe down the street from the Art Institute and across from cool classical sculptures was a cool writing & rejuvenating spot. http://www.artists-cafe.com/

  3. You two met and watched a band in Chicago and didn't invite me?!!!
    I will assume I was in NY at the time :). Next time though, I would so meet up with you guys! So glad you two met in person!! How fun!!!

  4. Oh! And have fun in Chicago! So many great things to do there. I'm leaving again very soon for Wisconsin then an RV trip to South Dakota and back. I hope my family survives being cooped up for ten days in an RV!

  5. How fun that you got to meet Tina! I love Chicago in the summer - so much outdoorsy stuff to do. Good luck with your revisions!

    I've actually had a tiny trickle of creativity so I plan on milking it for all it's worth this week!

  6. that's wondeful you guys got to meet! I'm so looking forward to the day I can meet one of my online writing friends! thanks for sharing.

  7. That's great that you two met in person!! Looks like you had fun, too.

    I'm packing for a two week sea kayaking trip. Trying to squeeze a little writing in among the dry bags, fuel bottles and fishing poles. My house looks like a gear shed.

  8. Argh! I came here from Tina's to see if you had photos! I am so jealous of you girls! Would love to meet a blog friend.

  9. So fun! I am going to write about it too so I am not going to give too much away over here! And I am so mad we don't have any proof! The only thing that I have is the necklace (thanks to you and Jon so much!)!

    Kelly, I thought of you! But I THINK you were in New York and it was so last minute. And I am terribly sure that all of our paths are going to cross one of these days, somewhere, somehow!

  10. <- is hideously jealous that you got to meet Tina!! And is hideously jealous that Tina got to meet you!

    But glad you guys had a great time!

  11. I'm so sad, but still super happy that you two got to meet. I like that we both have goals this week.

  12. Glad you guys could meet up! what fun! You must be psyched to be almost done with revisions. Are those final revisions?

  13. So cool that you two WIBIJ pals got to meet in real life. Writing goals? Summer is so hard!

  14. Kris--day trips are perfect, I think. Less packing! I'm so excited that you are querying! Good luck--I'll be sending positive vibes your way.

    Robert-- Unfortunately, I didn't get out to see many sites. I did see the silver bean by moonlight, though. And it was fantastic to meet Tina. She's everything you would think she would be--and you're right--she's very authentic, where ever she goes!

    Kelly--I would have loved to meet you as well--where is our spa getaway going to be? Was Anita setting that up? RV trip sounds so cool!!

    Anna--I hope you get miles out of that creative burst--glad to hear that the furry muse is working out!

    Terry--Across the border is more problematic than it used to be--which is a bummer. But, when you are on a book tour for your fabulous books, look for me!!

    Paul--sea kayaking? That's some serious unplugging. Are you able to bring pen and paper? I imagine a trip like that to be really inspiring...

    Anita--We really did a #techfail during our visit. Absolutely my fault... But it was beyond great to meet Tina. I was a little stressed, and then it was like we had always known each other. It was fantastic.

    Tina--thanks for the great time--I'm so raring to do it again, already. I NEED more T time!!

    M--we had a great time (or, at least, I did!)

    J--You were there in spirit. Seriously. And, I have goals because you set them for me. :) Nothing like a bit of strong arming to get me writing again...

    Laura--this feels like the final revision to me. I'm excited that things are getting close to finished (AGAIN!).

    Lori--summers are hard. And soft all at the same time. I love not having a strict schedule for my kids. I love just plunking down at the lake an swimming. I love playgrounds and hanging at the library. Oh, summmer...

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