Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Monday Meeting, and Yes, I Found the Edge of the Blogosphere and Fell Off

Phew, it has been a very full week since I last posted. I wish I could say that it's over--the busy-ness--but it's not, and I'm just going to have to take things by the seat of my pants, like usual. I've been gone from the internet all week, and guess what? It goes on without me!! I am not the star at the center of the blogging world :). Okay, so I guess that I already knew that, but what I didn't know was that a few days away feel like a year. Like I fell off the edge, and am now climbing all the way back up. And I thought the blogosphere was round. Go figure!

Anyway, my kids are just wrapping up school this week, so I might not be around much this week as well. Thanks for sticking through it all with me--I had a horrible feeling that I might open up blogger to find that I had zero followers today.

Goals for the week:

To spend today recharging my batteries, and shifting my focus from family stuff around the clock to a good balance of writing and family stuff. I'm planning on reading and running today--getting back into the mental frame to write. And then getting back into the writing tomorrow. Easing into it. Hoping that I remember which of my many drafts is the current one. :)

My other goal is to climb back up the edge of the blogosphere and visit some blogs.

We are postponing this episode of WIBIJ until next Wednesday, June 23rd, and it should be a great game!

I rock at water balloon tossing. Just thought you would want to know.

So, what are your goals for this week? Are you in a time of transition? And, it's been awhile since I asked, so, what are you working on? (I'm still revising my star story!)

And, I got a big hoot out of this:

I would have guessed that the S was for "superman", but for "spikes" is just so much better! 


  1. Recharge those batteries, girl. You'll need it. I know I will. LOL. Hopefully I can make the game this week. I've plugged you guys. ";-)

  2. I am excited to see passed chapter 1 of yours and write past chapter 1 in mine.

  3. Woo hoo to your balloon tossing skills. Maybe you can coach me. :)

    My kids finish school next Friday, and I'm in that transition period. I just finished the outline of my next project, which I'll start writing in September. I'm going to finish up the characterizations in the mean time. And I'm finishing edits on my wip as my final beta reader sends them to me (could be querying later this summer *gulp*).

    Good luck with this week's goals!

  4. good luck with everything!! it's so good to have you back :D

    we missed you!

  5. Hope it all calms down for you soon! I'm ready to start on a new wip, but I really need more alone time to do it properly. :( Fingers crossed I actually get some!

  6. Water balloom tossing skills are one of the best skills to have, I reckon. :)

    Hope your batteries soon get to fully charged and you remember which draft is the latest!

  7. I thought the blogosphere was round too. Or cris-crossed, or spiraled, or like a web. But yeah, I guess at the edge is a big drop off where REAL LIFE lurks under the waves just waiting to catch a limb. Take your time breaking free, real life is scary and probably more important! Summer on the internet is a little slow anyway!

    And as far as what I am working on... Same old, same old. But it's going better lately, but still slowly.

  8. Sheri--thanks for the plug! We've postponed this game for a week, since we're all in transition right now, some of us getting into school, some getting out. :) And, yes, recharging the batteries is key!

    J--awesome. Somehow your goal changes mine... :) Okay, I'll finish the current revisions on chapter two and forward to you.

    Stina--you sound very writing balanced. I tend to work on forward progress on only one thing at a time. But it's very frustrating. Maybe this summer I'll try some different techniques!

    Tahereh--you are seriously sweet! Thanks. Good to be back.

    Larissa--I'm so excited to not have so many commitments and schedules around the kids, but yes, alone time will be in short supply.

    Jayne--Yes, my water balloon skills are in high demand right now! :) I'm crossing my fingers about the draft!

    TLL--Real life sounds kind of scary in your comment. Reaching up to grab at my toes as I try to swim past--like JAWS!!! I'm ready for a slower way of life this summer, real or otherwise!

  9. It is a crazy time of year that's for sure! My kids are out for the summer and every moment I'm on this computer, I feel the guilt.

  10. Nice to see you! I was just thinking I hadn't been over in a while and I saw your new post pop up!

    Hope all is well - end of year is crazy here too!

  11. My goal for this week is to work on my water balloon tossing skills.
    Actually, just to write as much as I can. My original goal was to be done with my first draft by end of June and I will be in NYC next week so may not be able to write so I need to get my butt in gear!

  12. Lisa--I'm already trying to come up with a schedule that will not make me feel too guilty. Normally I enforce a "quiet time" in the middle of the day.

    Kris--Good luck getting everything done for your last couple of days too! I'll see you on the flip side! :)

    Kelly--when we all get together for our writing spa week, I'll bring some balloons. :) Hopefully I'll be drafting something soon! (I sooo miss that!)

  13. Good for you. I always feel compelled, like it's a duty or something, to read my blogs. I could probably use a break too.

    I just finished revisions on my query letter and have started on your blog interview questions. I'm hoping to finish them and work on revising chapter 3 & 4 of my new manuscript.

  14. S for Spikes is awesome. Spike is the middle name my husband chose for himself at age 7. Happy writing!

  15. Funny, most of the writers/bloggers I communicate with seem to bemoan the end of school because it will interrupt their writing time. I am the exact opposite: I cannot wait to end this torturous week of trying to motivate students who *know* my grades are already entered and are inching closer to armed revolt every day!! (okay, maybe not armed -- although I did confiscate a rubber band projectile weapon today)

    My goal is to survive until next week, when I can finally relax by the goldfish pond with my laptop and my WIP! (my own children can fend for themselves.)

  16. I have a couple weeks off from writing my column, and it is awesome. Writing a new column every week is tough...there's the finding the book, the reading, the researching, the writing. Anyway, this week my goal is to read for pure enjoyment!

    Happy summer to your kiddos!

  17. I let myself get stressed too when I don't have time to read my fav blogs. Feel like I'm missing something! But, you're right, it's all still here doing its thing. Just get back on when you get a chance. No stress.
    Glad things are returning to writing for you!

  18. I was about to email you to see if everything was okay. Glad you were just busy. We missed you!!!!!

    I'm very inbetween right now. I just finished a new wip and am letting it sit. So I'm reading a lot and plotting a bit. Trying to figure out what direction i want to go in next.

  19. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!

    My laptop crashed this week and I feel that I am climbing out of a deep pit...so MUCH goes on when you don't connect for a whole week or more. It's SERIOUSLY SCARY!

    I haven't even been able to read emails or check out blogs...zilch!

    My kids have also finished school which means that they also want to use my computer to go on line and play games...less writing time for me again!

    Have missed you my FRIEND!
    Will shoot you an email when I get the chance.
    LOADS of HUGS!

  20. Finally arriving at Tuesday's Monday meeeting on Friday. The internet does keep going, expanding, without us. I read somewhere that the average life of a tweet is five minutes!

  21. Natalie--Yay!! I'm finding it hard to catch up on blogs frankly. I have to let some of the reading go, I think.

    Lori--That sounds about right as a 7-year old boy's middle name. Awesome, actually!!

    Dianne--I love the summer, with my kids at home. We have such fun! I just have to get creative with my own time. I'm so glad that you can sit by that pond and write. Sounds lovely!

    Anita--I imagine that the deadline of every week is a bit daunting. I'm glad you're getting a bit of a break! Happy reading!

    Terry--I'm so happy to be focused on writing and not school requirements for my kids. It's a great shift. Happy writing!

    Laura--you are moving quickly with your writing--way to go!! Another ms finished!! YAY.

    Ann Marie--Hugs right back at you. I hope that the laptop continues to behave! Have fun at camp!

    Paul--I'm always so glad to see you here, whenever it happens to be. If I ever post a monday meeting on friday, though, that would be a bummer. I don't think that my tweets even last five minutes! But that does make it easier to catch up on tweets than blog posts...