Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Meeting, Making Lists

Times of transition make it difficult for me to stick to my routines. We are in a transition right now as we move from school year to summer. And in the meantime, there is a flurry of end-of year activities. I am backlogged on everything, including writing. And I get through all this the same way I get through writing--by the seat of my pants.

Yes. I'm a pantser.

But, I also love lists and organization. There is magic when I write things down. I actually get things done. Unfortunately, writing is not the only thing on my list today. (The kittens tried to then eat this list after the picture was taken, which feels about right when I think about how much time I actually dedicate to my writing these days.)

Other things on today's to-do list include planting pumpkin and sunflower plants/seeds, clean kitchen, put away laundry, pick up medicine, pay bills, re-organize attic, plan for sleepover party for Friday, RSVP for end-of year parties, send in permission slip for field trip, order DVD of son's chorus concert (he had a 'solo'), and not forget any school events which I am supposed to attend. Figure out teacher gifts. Spend time with family. Oh, and dinner. I can't forget to feed my kids. (Well, I can, and sometimes do, but it's not pretty!)

So, somewhere in there, I want to run and write. I'm hoping to unplug with Tina to get the writing in, and maybe run into town and do errands there to get my run in.

Getting writing onto the to-do list seems about the extent of my writing goals this week. :)

What is on your to-do list today/this week? What are your writing goals?


  1. Ah, yes. This could be my to-do list as well. I start coming undone in June as the kids get ready to launch into summer vacation and the "end of year" activities start piling up. I start feeling like I have to get as much writing in as possible before school lets out -- which only adds to my stress. Sigh.

    Best of luck. I think I'll have to return to getting up early before the kids are up if I want to write at all in July and August.

  2. AWWWWWwwww! I love your kittens. LOVE.

    I'm with you on the list making... if I don't make a list, nothing gets accomplished. Seriously, I don't even remember to do the laundry unless I've made a note of it. So bad.

    As for writing... Hopefully I'll have more time than just this week's Practice Room unplugs... but man, my to-do list is LONG this week, so we'll see!

  3. Hello, KLM--I'm loving your blog! Very funny, my friend! I wish you many words before summer!

    Marisa--I love them too--I'm turning into a crazy cat woman. Saying things like, I'm having such fun at this party, but it's time to go so I can cuddle with my kittens. Srsly. I hope you get enough off your to-do list to get some great writing in! See you in the Practice Room!

  4. Wow, I thought my To Do list was overwhelming! Good luck with everything, especially the cat-wrangling!

  5. Good luck with your week. I'm on the road so my list keeps changing...

  6. i have an SNI pawing at the back of my mind and demanding my attention, so i'd love to dive into it :P but we'll see what happens.. hehe. i'm also a total pantser so when i write i just need to write write write non-stop until i get it all out.

    hopefully we'll all find a way to keep up!

    fingers crossed for you!!

  7. Okay, can't your attic wait. Srsly, I think your fab book has got to come before the attic. Now those other things... I totally know how quickly everyone's lives will fall apart if you don't do the other things. But just so you know, I'd like you to work on that book. I care about it. And thanks for the pep talk on my blog. And the kittens do look pretty special. Now I have to make my own list.

  8. How funny! I am a "pantser" but love lists, too! This week I need to get this laundry put away (finally) and get submissions together. (yay!)

  9. I don't know why I never noticed this before, but like you, I'm a pantser when I write (for the most part) but I love making lists and crossing things off. Interesting juxtaposition :)

  10. Loooove your kittens...soooo cute!

    I think everybody's in a time crunch. Tis the season, after that horrid winter we all had.

    I gave you a shout-out on my blog today.

  11. My list includes finishing my current wip before the school year ends!!!

  12. Oooo! You can run AND write at the same time! Have you read Ultra Marathon Man, by Dean Karnazes? He runs like crazy and recorded his book while he ran. It was a really inspiring read...for a runner and writer. I find that running helps me organize my thoughts...makes me a little more conscious of what I'm really wanting to write.

  13. I am a list maker...sometimes I lose the lists though. Today was a good day for me. I sent all the Father's Day cars/gifts and a query. I did all the laundry and ironing because blogger wasn't working for some strange reason. I finished a chapter on my wip and started a new one. It was a good day...I did ummm forget to go to the gym...

  14. I write general to do lists, but I really need to do weekly or even daily ones to make sure I do things in a timely manner.
    This week is a transition week with first week kids are off. I actually want to concentrate on household tasks (cleaning out closets etc) this week, and make a few unpluggages for my writing.

  15. Anna--the cat wrangling is definitely the best part of the day! Thanks! I hope you're having a great writing week!

    Paul--I hope your trip is going great. You can write when you get home!

    Tahereh--oh, yay! Love the SNIs. I have to fight to keep them at bay while I revise.

    TLL--Well, unfortunately to put away the little kid toys to make room for my son's sleepover party in the toy room, I have to do some attic rearranging. But, I'm not going to over do it. And normally, I'd agree, that attic make-over could wait! Thanks so much for voting for writing!! That's a wonderful support for me.

    Larissa--laundry is just never ending, isn't it! And good luck with the submissions!!

    S.S.--I wonder if all us pantsers are listers too? Funny!!

    Kittie--Thanks for the shout out--your trip sounds unbelievable!!

    Laura--you can do it!!

    Lyndsay--I carry pen and index cards with me, and many times have to stop to map out a whole scene while running. If you ever come upon me hunched over on the trail, that is what I'm doing!! I'll have to pick up that book!

    J--I'm a pantser, but I spend months and months thinking about a book before starting the torrential downpour of words. The incubation period is loooong.

    Sharon--sounds like you got a ton done! Awesome. I heard that a lot of people had blogger issues. I find it funny that I didn't--blogger normally turns on me on a dime!

    Kelly--good luck with the closets. I can't wait until the kids are out of school here. Hopefully I'll see you at an unplug or two!

  16. Aw - your lovely kittens! I came here via Kittie Howard's blog, pleased to virtually meet you!

    I know what you mean about sometimes it is hard enough getting writing on the to-do list for the week. I have booked Thurs and Fri off work to really try and get on with my writing - and my goal is to use the time wisely!

  17. hey heather
    God I feel like such a slacker, only now getting around to commenting on peoples' blogs!! That is DEFINITELY on my to-do list, so after I type this out, I can check it off! MWAHA! My new goal is to write at least 500 words a day on my new WIP...which is hard for me, given the kids/husband/life. But so far so good. I'm just trying not to get overwhelmed! Can you send some organizational skills my way??

  18. Oh my word, your kitties are cute. I could cuddle them to pieces.

    I'm a bigtime list maker as well. In everything else I'm fairly disorganized, but as long as I have a list, I feel a little more sane. so good luck with getting everything accomplished. I'm fairly swamped with my To-do list today, too. Would be loads easier if I could just hire someone to do it all.

  19. Usually the only list I make is when I go shopping. I try to keep writing at the top - until the dust bunnies start moving out from under things or the lawn posts a sign that says mow me now or my dog looks at me with those eyes as if to say, can't we please go for a walk now?

    I really enjoy your blog, btw :)

  20. Oh, the foreboding sense of doom this makes me feel! School is almost out here, and you're right, it's so hard to write in summer, but I hope to get something done. Hope you crossed things off your to-do list and at least got in some brainstorming on your run. That totally counts.

  21. Heather, as always, you're an inspiration. A mother of three who makes lists, raises kids and writes and runs... We're moving this week & going to Idaho for the weekend. Goal: a complete rough draft of chapter 3.

    I love the drama of the kittens w/the half black, half white faces!

  22. The transition to summer always takes me a couple of weeks. I think I'm finally getting there, and it's been 2 weeks!

    I so need to come unplug with you guys, stat.

  23. You've been missing for a whole week. What gives?

  24. Jayne--thanks so much for clicking through! And welcome! And yay--two days for writing--I hope you got a ton done!!

    Dena--500 words is an awesome goal--I hope you were able to get there!

    Carolina--Yes, it would be wonderful to source out some of the work!

    Marcy--I'm so glad that you can keep writing up at the top. Wonderful. And thanks for the comment about liking the blog--I'm sorry that I've been missing for a week!

    Lori--brainstorming on a run definitely counts. I'll have to remember how I wrote last summer. I think maybe at night...

    Robert--woo-hoo! Good to 'see' you! Thanks for all the kind words and support! The kittens are awesome!

    Elana--two weeks, huh? I'm hoping that the last week counted toward that! I'll see you at T's!

    J-Thanks for missing me!! :)