Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#AmWriting and Kitten Mittons

While I am busy writing, not blogging, I thought I'd direct you to a clip for your viewing pleasure. (Warning--it may not be suitable for children.) Sometimes It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia goes beyond my comfort zone, but this Kitten Mitton clip always makes me laugh (just click on the 'video clip' and the video pops up below, once you are at the page).

I'm sure that shortly, I'll be back to my regular blogging programming. :)

In the meantime, why don't you let me know what you're blogging about, and link to it in the comments? Do you watch It's Always Sunny? What's your TV guilty pleasure?

As far as #ROW80 goals, I've had two weeks which were hijacked by school vacation, and then a sick child. While no writing was accomplished, I did have many adventures. I'm sure I'll talk about them on the blog when I'm back to writing for your entertainment!

But this week, I'm off to a great start, hitting my two hours of writing a day, and exercising as well. So, hopefully the momentum will continue!

How do you get that momentum rolling? How has your writing life been?


  1. KITTEN MITTONS!! That is one of my favorite viral clips.

    You know as well as I do that my writing momentum is a bizarre, twisted, and futuristic roller coaster that I cannot seem to control.

  2. Why are we spelling it mittons? Am I missing something?

  3. Well, darn. I couldn't get the video to play on this computer. I'll try it on another one later. Glad to hear you're back at the writing! I wrote a post at my publisher's blog, complete with cute video, about how to use up the zillions of Girl Scout cookies we all buy this time of year. Here's the link to copy & paste:

  4. So many questions! ;)
    Yesterday I blogged about one of my favorite musicians you probably haven't heard of.

    We got rid of cable over a year ago, so no Sunny for me. (except online, o'course) We still get 2 local channels, so I catch Craig Ferguson when I can.

    And writing? Yesterday I finished a manuscript! Woo Hoo!

    Hope the kid is feeling better - we were all disgustingly but briefly ill last week. :P

  5. I'm plotting book 2....and formatting, while trying to smoosh down some story ideas that I want to write but don't have the time!

  6. good luck getting back into the groove of things! i got into a funk just yesterday, and so i'm leaving my apartment and camping out in a coffee shop today. change of scenery is my secret weapon against writing blahs.

  7. @J--the guy in the show misspells it since he's just that illiterate. It's supposed to be a part of the Funny. :) And, I think you do just fine with following your muse. You just need to show him who's boss. :)

    @Suzanne--I love posts about girl scout cookies! I always claim that I will freeze the overflow, but we always just eat them. :)

    @Lily--WOO HOO for FINISHING! I hope you celebrated!

    @Laura--What a great thing, to have too many ideas! Keep that idea file open, and plug away! I started a new new new book yesterday, even though I'm still doing some revision.

    @Gina--I love the coffee shop move. :) Once a week, I try to plop myself down and write in a public place. Keeps me from thinking about the laundry...

  8. This ROW80 round was an experiment in different writing habits -- which meant, of course, I lost the habits I had. But I think it was fruitful, and I'm using these last two weeks to gear up a new routine for the next round.

    I think momentum is also tied up in your energy level, and sometimes "recharging" is what you need to do. And for me, reading and playing loosely with ideas really does that.

  9. You're right it's good for laugh in the middle of the afternoon when the sleep-eez are hitting and I need to be writing. Cute video.

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  11. Yay for you, Heather hitting your two hours a day of writing, plus exercising, too! I've hardly had much online time lately. Can you believe it took us 2 1/2 months to get everything moved out of our house? Unbelievable. We're still living with the Early American Cardboard look and will be for a while! LOL! I hope you had lots of fun with the kids while they were off. They grow so fast, so you've got to enjoy every minute you get to spend with them.

    Now I get to care for my grandson full time. Ah, brings back so many memories of when my kids were babes. I go home at the end of the day so wiped out, but it's a rewarding tireness. How can I complain about having to laugh and smile all day and cuddle with a baby?

    I've never seen It's Always Sunny. Seems I hardly watch much TV at all these days, although I believe there's a new show debuting tonight called 'Touch,' I think and it sounds really good, so I hope I can stay awake to watch it! I'm going to go watch the Kitten Mitton clip now. Take care!

  12. Just watched Kitten Mittons! What a hoot! Thanks, Heather.

  13. Hi there! Have been lurking a bit recently and have awarded you with the Lucky 7 Sunshine Award--appropriate, right, consdering this post:) Check out my blog to get all the details!