Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Avocado on My Slipper

Sometimes, I go through life wondering things. Where's my coffee? (It was on the dryer.) Where's my cell phone? (On a shelf in my clothes closet.) How did I get avocado on my slipper?



I mean, I can probably figure out the answer to these questions. But I can't remember exactly.
And then I think of the biggest question of all:

How did I get so out of touch with my manuscript?

And, I don't know how, exactly.

There are lots of excuses. I have three active kids. A husband. Commitments with schools and a church. Friends. Family. Holidays. Deaths and illnesses.

But, now that I am a few days into the New Year, a few days into ROW 80, now, I know exactly:

I'm not out of touch with my manuscript.

I have worked for a total of four hours on it, in the last two days. I know exactly what I did during those four hours, and I know exactly what I am going to do the next hours that I devote to writing. I know the time I spent blogging, and the time I spent exercising.

I am writing deliberately.

And because of that, if my MC were to get avocado on her slipper, I will remember exactly how that happened. :)

I am hitting all my writing and exercising goals. I'm excited about that. I'm excited just to know whether or not I am hitting my goals! I'm enjoying keeping track of the time I spend on things. On where my energy goes.

Maybe I'll get to that level of consciousness in my avocado filled life as well.

How are you doing? What crazy things have you done, and then later wonder how that happened? What goals are you working toward, writing or otherwise?


  1. "How did I get avocado on my slipper?"

    In my house, it would be easily explained by the previous night's Calvinball game played between our two youngest cats.

    -- Tom

  2. That's so awesome! I did not meet my exercise goal today b/c I can't talk myself into running out in 11 degree weather, with windchill. Some days I can but I'm not there yet.

  3. My first goal to accomplish this year is to get the holiday decorations down. That will be done today. (I'm halfway there). Then on to writing goals. (picture book and poetry this month)

    Good luck with Row!

  4. Avocado on your slippers...That's a great one!

    My crazy thing that I've done recently also involves avocado. My wife got me hooked on sushi by taking me to a specialty restaurant last week. What she failed to mention was that the green stuff (wasabi)was NOT, in fact, avocado spread.

    Let's just say I earned my free refills of iced tea shortly thereafter.

    I just wish my writing spurts were as hot and long-lasting. ha!

  5. Tom--my son LOVES Calvin and Hobbs (Well, who doesn't??!). My kittens seem to be out for blood these days when they "play". I'm hoping things don't get out of hand!

    Laura--I have various indoor exercise options. I am a chicken about this kind of running weather. And I used to mock fair-weather runners. Now I am one. Paul G. puts me to shame, with his running adventures in Alaska!!

    Kelly--I should make that a goal this week. Although I'm always kinda sad putting away the lights. Good luck!

    Bryce--LOL. I'm amazed you are in such great spirits about the mix-up! I wonder if now you've acquired a taste for wasabi?!

  6. I so wanted to know what "Avocado on my Slipper" meant. Thanks for the laugh!

    So now you are doing great with your manuscript and...everything, it sounds like -- good luck with this!

  7. Good job! It is such a balancing act having a family and a creative life. Sounds like you've really figured a way to do it effectively. Jealous!

  8. Good girl, I love it. I have no idea where I left the phone, but I do know what I need to do with the MS. :)

  9. Amy--Thanks! I feel on track with things. I need to add some cleaning elements and then my days will run smoothly!

    darcywoods--Well, it's only been a few days, but I am feeling in the groove. :)

    Kris--Perzactly! Shouldn't it all be about the writing? LOL

  10. I took a long time off of work so I could catch up to my MS and remember where I was and how it felt. Then I got sick. Vacation is over on Monday and I finally got to do some editing today.

    It's more than being sick though. It's a changing of gears that I needed some down time to accomplish.

    I know there's an almond under the couch - somewhere.

    And Blogger login issues have been fixed! Yay! I can comment here without having to jump through ten hoops.

  11. It takes a lot of strength and will to maximize the limited time you have--I pretty much think the three kids are the ultimate test for staying in touch.

    My youngest son is still in diapers so I have to worry about other things getting on me that I don't know how they got there (namely, poop).

  12. Hey, Heather!! It was great to run into you at TPR on Tuesday!

    I wonder things too. Like:

    How come when I'm at work, I can't stop thinking about my WIP all day and how I wish I could work on it ... but when I get home, I can't bring myself to draft new words?

    How come I rejoice at the opportunity to take a WHOLE DAY OFF WORK because my daughter lost a filling and I need to take her to the dentist (time spent there: 20 minutes), but I still put less than 1000 new words on the page when I had THE WHOLE DAY to do it?

    How DID you get avocado on your slipper??

  13. I don't know the answer to many of my own questions, but for some reason I have this craving for guacamole now...

  14. How about your kid plunking his school project due tomorrow in your lap? My kiddo asked for a little help with a poster he had to turn in today. The end result: I worked on the poster the whole evening. He fetched things like glue and paper, then got glued to his Spotify playlist. Writing and revising done: None.

  15. I want to know what ROW 80 is. Dis it help you remember where you are in your manuscript and why? If so, I need it.
    I have spent my enitre life wondering where things are and why I did them. It got worse while I was raising children and has tapered off slightly now that I;m not.
    Yes, we at Pen and Ink have made resolutions:
    Thanks for your post.

  16. Sarah--Changing gears is so difficult. I too need down time to do it. What a bummer you were sick! And a bummer about blogger! I changed my comment thing to pop ups since some people couldn't comment on embedded comments. Sigh. Blogger's always trying to get in the last word. I wish you much awesome editing in the next week! Great to see you!! And, yum, and almond. I'm not above eating stuff I find under the couch. (Maybe I shouldn't admit that!)

    Colleen--Oh yes, I remember THOSE days! I give you lots of credit if you are able to write with kids in diapers! I had much less brain room for writing in those days! That's awesome!

    Dianne--It was great to hang out in TPR with you! I know. It's always the days when I think I'm going to have the longest uninterrupted writing time when I get the least done. It's a weird thing. Maybe I'm used to writing in the corners of my days... I hope everything went okay with your daughter's filling!!

    Stephanie--Yum! Guacamole!! Let's have a party!

    svetlanakarlin--school projects are the bane of my existence. My kids always have them right before breaks. You know, when I'm preparing for a house full of guests, or packing for a trip. When I have no extra time for anything, and so I find myself doing the darn thing in the middle of the night. Teachers know that kids don't do the work on those things, right?? I'm laughing about the glued to the playlist thing!! Thanks for stopping by!

    Pen and Ink--ROW 80 is a create your own goals and stick to them for 80 days. It cycles on throughout the year. And the loveliest writers come and cheer you on while you're sticking to your goals. It's supportive writing at its best. :) I'll pop over and see what you guys are resolving!

  17. We find all kinds of things in our shoes. My oldest loved to put random things in our shoes all the time. Funny and kinda gross :) Now that fun has been passed down to our youngest. The youngest just handed me a plastic apple, gave me a kiss, took the apple back and ran away with a happy screaming...wonder if I'll find the apple in my shoe latter :D

    I'm an excel nut so all the tracking is a lot of fun, even better when it spells out progress!!

    GO ROW80 Round #1!!

  18. sj--Any chance you can give me a run down on excel? Those worksheets drive me batty!! :) And I have a feeling that they would be pretty easy to use, once I happened to figure them out. :) Thanks so much for stopping by. The shoe thing is pretty awesome--I would love to hear how far your little ones take it. I can imagine it could get really gross really fast!! :)

  19. Okay, as soon as I read the avocado in the shoe part I thought, "she must have kids!" I have four and they can definitely be a distraction. That's great that you are back into your novel. Good luck!

  20. Rachel--I wish I could blame the avocado on my kids. I think it was all me though! Thanks for the support! :)

  21. Way to go, you, on hitting your goals thus far! Now that my new blog is in place, I can no longer use that as an excuse as to why I haven't done as much writing as I'd intended. I have a feeling that means, "Get busy and write!" Will do.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I've just subscribed to yours and I look forward to reading!

  22. Sounds like you've got a great thing going there, Heather. I'm such an unorganized person, ROW80 would probably help me tremendously, but I can't commit yet. I'm looking forward to following your progress, though!

  23. lol, I seriously lost my cell phone today, or possibly last night. I hope 2012 finds you meeting all your goals. :)

  24. Beth--Welcome! I get sucked into blogging, and tweeting, and that sort of thing all the time. I find I have to make a concerted effort to set aside unplugged writing time! It's great to have met you!

    Lynn--I can't wait until life slows down long enough for you to focus more on writing! I'm thinking about you!

    Carol--Whenever I lose my cell phone, it's set to vibrate instead of ring. Drives me crazy!! :) Good luck finding your phone, and on your goals!!

  25. LOL nothing beats the day I came home to find random potatoes just everywhere in the house. My 2 yo son had gotten into the bag of potatoes, and just went about decorating the entire house with them. My mom, who was babysitting, even found one in her cup of coffee (she was just sitting back and watching to see what he would do with them, and I guess it was a fascinating process, so she didn't stop him, LOL).

    Glad to hear the writing is going well, keep it up!

  26. I'm always losing my phone and my coffee. I've never had avocado in my slipper. It's good that your writing is going well and that the New Year has brought new focus.

  27. That cover freaks me out a little.

    The question you pose is a good one! How did my characters get to where they are? I know the answers lie deep within my quirky imagination. I also know I need to dig them out or allow for the answer to change on its own.

  28. My coffee is usually still sitting forgotten & cold in the microwave after a re-heat.
    I resolve to aggressively try to sell my picture book dummy, actually introduce myself to people at a conference instead of hiding in the corner, and to stand up straight.
    Love your blog!

  29. Hope you figured out the avocado!

    Actually, one thing that's funny is when I'm typing up all my handwritten scenes and come across stuff I don't even remember writing. Sometimes good, sometimes bad!

  30. I love January, despite its typical cold, for resolutions. My house has never been so clean . . . Here's hoping to seeing our goals through to December . . .

  31. The avocado picture makes me laugh. I may not be a writer, but I completely understand being out of touch with something I'm trying to get to work on!

  32. Melanie--I LOVE your potato story--and that your mom just gave him to room to decorate with those potatoes. I love that visual image!! :) Thanks for visiting!

    Carrie--I am trying to run with my focus and make it a habit. I have high hopes!

    J--I love making connections between myself and my characters--they weren't created in a vacuum. I'm hoping if I pay close attention, then I will know them inside and out!

    Tina--I love your goals!! I love that you are being aggressive. If we don't stand up for our works, then who will? I always have a goal of how many (new) people I want to talk with at a conference--otherwise, I would just stick to my comfort zone!

    Deniz--I love that--that you don't remember writing things--like writing subconsciously. I wonder if dream writing comes next?!

    Camille--Oh, can I move in with you? I get projects going in January, and the everyday cleaning goes on the back burner! I'd love my house to be clean right now. Good for you!

    Storied Cities--I'm glad this is a universal feeling, although the disconnect is unnerving, and makes me less likely to open the document. Here's to staying connected all through 2012!!

  33. FANTASTIC post! Love that. I've been feeling much the same - like in tracking my eating, exercising and writing I am living more authentically and putting my passions as a priority. Not only that, but I KNOW I am because it's written down right here. Amazing.
    Here's to your continued success!

  34. I thought the picture was the cover of a funny kids book until I saw the gun