Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Shake My Fists At The Tech Gods, Once Again

So, when you try to comment on this post, you will discover the dreaded pop-up window.

Now, I have heard several bloggers discuss how this is not the best way to allow comments, simply because it takes more time for people to comment. I loved it when my comments were embedded below the post.

Okay, this is a much more fun type of pop-up. Although I can't hear this song without thinking, that's not really ironic. I still like it though. I wonder what that says about me. :)

And, I want to make it easy, peasey for y'all (okay, I am so NOT from the south, but that puts me in mind of a delicious southern drawl, which makes me feel warm and cozy and like I can pretend that I am not on the verge of another disastrously cold NE winter) to comment. Above all else.

The problem with the embedded comments? In the last month, I have heard from two VIP in my virtual life, who went to extraordinary measures to let me know that for some reason, they are no longer permitted to comment on my blog.

I checked my settings. Everyone is permitted to comment, even anonymous users. I don't even have comment verification on the site. There is no reason why people shouldn't be able to comment.


Although in this case, I think it might be the Google Gods giving me grief.

So, I hope you survive the pop-ups for a while. Let's see if everyone can comment.

I'm so bummed out that people couldn't join in the conversation here.

Has anyone else had this problem? How frustrating! For those of you who are more tech savvy than me (really not difficult) please enlighten me if I can fix this issue permanently, and revert back to my embedded comments. Pretty please! (I'm looking in your direction, Tom!)

Can't comment on this blog post? That's ironic. E-mail me at hegkelly at gmail dot com.


  1. Hm, that's odd. Maybe try installing Intense Debate? It's pretty easy to do in Blogger, and it's actually kind of nice because it allows people to receive emails if someone responds to their comments. I join you in shaking my fists at the tech gods, though. They do like to mess with us mortals.

  2. Anna--You get a GOLD STAR. Awesome idea. I'm looking into Intense Debate right now. :)

  3. Yay, I can comment now. I've missed talking to you for a while. Because I'm one of the people who hasn't been able to comment recently, I'll let you know what I've dedused. The problem is somehow related to the latest version of internet explorer. Blogger did something to their site which makes it formatable with the newest verison but at the sametime not formatable with anyone still opporating on an older version.

    Except, I have downloaded the latest version hoping to be able to start commenting again, and still can't do it. So I think there is some kind of a bug in bloggers program. I can't comment on my work computer or home computer and am actually baffled by why some people can comment.

    One person told me you need to have google crome to be able to comment. Whatever the reason, I now appreciate your pop-up window.

  4. Yay Kate! *waving furiously* Welcome back! I'm so glad you can now comment. I use google chrome, so I haven't had commenting issues myself on other blogs. It was only because you talked about this on your blog that I knew what the problem might be. So thanks, for illuminating for me! I'm glad you appreciate the pop-up window. I do too, now!

  5. I had this problem. Blogger used to let me sign in after I wrote my comment (if I hadn't already signed in). But NOW Blogger makes me sign in first.

  6. I was having the same sort of problems- and google solutions and got that it was the "stay checked in box"- to make sure you sign out everytime- that has seemed to help!

  7. Anita--hmmm. Interesting. So it is a sign in thing. Maybe embedding the comments didn't allow for people to sign in? Idk, I'm grasping, here.

    Julia--YAY! I haven't been over to your blog in FOREVER! It's awesome to see you. I'm going to run over now and say hi! (And glad that you figured out something that helped the blogger issues.)

  8. Just a side note to this conversation--I have received 2 anonymous spam comments in the 12 hours that I have had this comment system up. Which gives me peace of mind that EVERYONE can indeed comment. Woo-hoo for SPAM!

  9. I already switched to the dreaded pop up window for that very reason, Heather. I'm not crazy about it either, but it seems to give the least amount of trouble to everyone.

  10. Ew, pop up comments make my skin crawl...but anything you, H! :P

  11. Dianne--I always feel relieved when other people have the same troubles as me. Isn't that weird? I share your human condition. Or blogger condition, I suppose.

    J--I know. Sigh. But it's better for the masses. And think of the conversations we missed out on. I'll take the pop-ups! And, thanks for doing it for me!

  12. I've been having trouble commenting on Blogger posts on and off for weeks or having to resign in for each one sometimes. It's crazy!
    But don't worry about the pop up! I think mine pops up. I don't know though... I don't have word verification though so it saves bloggers a few seconds.
    And I LOVE Pop Up Video!

  13. Kelly--wow--I guess lots of people have been having commenting woes. After I watch pop-up videos for a while, I start walking around the world wondering why interesting and corny information isn't popping up in bubbles over the heads of the people around me. :)

  14. If you're having problems with comments and are on a PC using IE, try clicking on the "broken page" icon to the right of the URL line. This will allow you to view the page in Compatibility Mode (meaning "How the rest of the world sees this page"). It may help.

    IntenseDebate is a good alternative to Blogger comments. It will help cut down on spam, but you'll need to have an IntenseDebate account to leave comments as anything other than anonymous. (And your Blogger comment stats drop to ZERO for all new entries, which looks very disconcerting!)

    -- Tom
    (Who has been sick with a head cold since you posted this entry!)