Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 6th, Cowgirl

I can't believe that Cowgirl is six years old--and already giving out horseback riding lessons!

I hope all your midweek writing plans are going well. I'm getting into a good morning writing rhythm, and the fact that the internet access is unpredictable at the library is actually helping my wordcount.

Are you keeping to your goals? Would you like lessons from Cowgirl? And, yes. Cowgirl and her doll (which she named after herself) are dressed identically. :)


  1. Love it! Happy Birthday, and Yee-Haw, to Cowgirl!

    We DO need to get the wee-ones (ok, so they're not so wee anymore) together more often. They have SO much fun together!

    Maybe over winter break?

  2. Yes, I'd love some lessons from Cowgirl, please! :) So cute!

  3. cute! My little cowboy is about to turn six. (Though, he'd rather have robot riding lessons.)

  4. Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!
    What a sweet picture!

  5. Kris--we could do a museum. Although those get crowded over breaks. Let's keep talking about it!

    Marisa--She's an excellent instructor. :)

    Vivi--I think I'd like robot riding lessons! That would be awesome!!

    Kelly--Thanks! Birthdays are so much fun. :)

  6. Cowgirl is too precious! I could use some lessons from her, definitely. And she's got some good stylin' going on there! Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!

  7. Nandini--I am so thrilled that I was with you, writing, when you left that birthday wish for Caitlin. I hope we have another stellar writing week!!

    Lynn--She has been into styling and clothes since she could walk. Horses as well. She knows what she likes!! Thanks for the birthday wishes. She had a blast!