Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Meeting, Toying with the Big Bad Cat

Hello all! I'm actually posting my Monday Meeting on Monday! Woo-hoo!

I am toying with the idea of NaNo--although I am halfway through a novel, so I would tailor it to my needs.

I was thinking, over the weekend, how trying to write a novel in a month (doing NaNo) can feel a lot like playing cat and mouse, or in this case, cat and chipmunk:

First off, it's always prudent to have a super hero on your side. (In case you can't see it, that little brown guy at the foot of the superhero, is the chipmunk. You in this scenario.)

It always helps to get cozy with NaNo--check out the site, make friends. Maybe even give it a kiss.

Play hard to get. Let NaNo know that 1,667 words a day is child's play. 

Fake it 'till you make it. Arch your back. Pretend your word count is huge and strong. Make sure to show NaNo that even though you might be falling behind in wordcount, that your manuscript SEEMS bigger than it is. Be confident. 

Scare it away. If this little chipmunk can scare away our big bad kitten, Jelly, then you can certainly best NaNo. Who's with me? 

Let me know your goals for this week, whether related to NaNo, or not. 

And if you are doing NaNo, make sure to leave your NaNo handle in the comment section so I can find you there! Having friends to chart progress against makes it much more fun!! 

Mine: HeatherLane 

*Is anyone else distracted by that tennis ball in the pictures? Who was playing with that ball? Did the cat have it in her mouth? What is going to happen to the ball in the next frame? Is it the smoking gun?


  1. Good luck. Tell us how it goes. Love the pictures.

  2. Good luck! I'm trying to barrel through first drafting the final two chapters in the WIP from this past summer. Then giving it the Darcy Pattison once-over before having betas read it.

    Not all this week, tho. :)

  3. Jon and I are doing nano, but changing it to fit our needs too. I hope you join us!
    I'm KellyPolark I think there. :) I'm a first timer and a bit scared, but I am so excited about it too. I want to finish our outline this week.

  4. Natalie--I'll let you know what I decide to do! Thanks for stopping by!

    Kris--Oh, it would be great to get that all done in a week, wouldn't it? You should just set the bar that high and see what happens, in the spirit of NaNo!!

    Kelly--I'll friend you over there! I love the energy of NaNo. I wasn't able to keep up the wordcount last year (I did the first two years), but it is great for productivity, and connecting with other crazy writers! I'm so glad you're doing it!

  5. I was going to do Nano but then a light bulb went off and I knew how to revise/rewrite my wip. So I'll be revising!

  6. Laura--Awesome! I live for those lightbulb moments. I've had a couple big ones recently--especially on days which I couldn't write. Good luck, Laura!

  7. That's all kinds of fun! I'm kicking it around. My agent has my proposals and I have three new novels kicking around. I think 50K is doable. I'd better decide soon though.
    ~ Wendy

  8. Wendy--Yay! I think 50K is doable too! However, since I am in the middle of a wip, I will probably end up doing more like 25K and 25K revision. We'll see which way the NaNo winds blow!

  9. LOVE those pictures, and the NaNo advice too! I'm NandiniB on NaNo. See you at the library!!!