Friday, October 21, 2011

Have you met Misty?

So, today I am leading off (mid-day I might add) with a new spontaneous blog series (aren't those the best anyway?), which combines my love for the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, actor Neil Patrick Harris, and connecting with fabulous writers in the blogosphere.

So, we had a stirring discussion yesterday, here, there and everywhere, about what path writers are considering in order to get published. Many weighed in.

At some point, I came across Misty Provencher, who decided to take her book out of the path to publication.

But she isn't shelving it, and she isn't self-publishing it. Click over and see exactly what she is doing with it.

Her story resonated with me--we all get emotionally drained from this process. Let's circle the wagons, and help support one of our own.

Go meet Misty. Read her chapters. Read her blog. Follow her on twitter. (@mistyprovencher)

And, let's do a meet 'n greet here in the comments. Say hi, leave a link to your blog, your twitter handle, and say something Neil Patrick Harris-ish. :)

Happy weekend, everyone! I promise I'll get more Friday interviews up shortly.


  1. Why you gonna make me cry all over your blog? *sniffle* Thank you for helping me out, Heather. Thanks for inviting me into your circle of wagons. I've found out this week that the world is a kinder place than I gave it credit for. Thank you for mentioning me. I am completely and utterly grateful, honored, amazed. Thank you thank you.

  2. I forgot to say something Neil Patrick Harris-ish...I'm so blown away I'm pulling a blank...but I love the guy. Does that count? And anyone who wants to talk...don't be shy. Say hi. I'd love to hear from you.

  3. I adore How I Met Your Mother. All of the main characters make me laugh.

    Hi Misty! I read her choice in publishing yesterday, and it's a brave step. I'm sure many will appreciate her book!

    And Hi I'm Kelly! My new blog is legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!”

    My other blog is
    I'm on Twitter too! :)
    Have a fabulous weekend, Heather and company!

  4. Misty--my pleasure. We abound in kindness and sparkly support over here. :) And loving Neil Patrick absolutely counts.

    Kelly--YOU ROCK! Nice Neil Patrick. Your new blog rocks too. I have to put it in my blogroll so I don't forget to check in each day.

    Everyone, on Kelly's new blog, she interviews famous people and rock stars about their favorite reads. It's a must!! Yay Kelly! Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and Kelly's signature blog ROCKS as well. :)

  5. Hi Misty, Hi Heather, Hi Kelly. You guys all rock. We're all working our butts off to carve out a little piece of the pie. I loved reading about all the different choices yesterday, and it's so nice to know there are so many options.

  6. hi Heather! hi Misty, I'll be very interested to see how this all turns out for you - I, too, get tired of the process (query, wait, submit, wait, wait, wait, sigh in disappointment, start from beginning)but I'm not giving up quite yet - sorry no quote from the show as I watch very little television. I'm too busy writing!

  7. Hi Misty! I look forward to checking out Cornerstone. I also understand where you are coming from. Yay to having many more books in you - I love the way this revolution in the publishing world is making creativity and creations a lot less precious. The well is deep.

    Heather, you're awesome. Thank you so much for providing a place to gather and your work to bring everyone together. I don't have enough NPH experience nor have I seen How I Met your mother to know what to say: I do more of a Darcy type intro, check this out: It made me want to watch Bridget Jones again. Anyway I have been all about the videos at my blog lately, so come on over and watch : ) :

  8. Kris--I love that we are publishing in a such a vibrant and open-ended time. Thinking about publishing out of the box makes my creative juices move!

    Marcy--thanks so much for stopping by! I too will be interested to see how it goes for Misty. What a novel project!

    Tina--Let's have a pajama party during NaNo sometime, and watch Bridget Jones with a bottle of wine and chocolates (after we get our wordcount for the day). I wonder if we could pull that off on google+? A slumber party?

  9. I like that. :) A Bridget Jones slumber party through Google +!! Which one of us would have the TV on, or is there some smart way to make it another screen on the Google + array? Hmmm. Must think on this...

  10. Heather...thank you again! I just got a chance to come back and I am teary eyed. Hi Kelly and Kristine and mshatch and Tina! It's wonderful to meet all of you. As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to go friend-hunting for you guys on Twitter. I hope you'll come by and read and comment for prizes. This is exactly what I was hoping for...connections. Thank you, Heather, for giving me some new friends. <333