Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Meeting: Bury Me in Saturn

Sometimes the best ideas are happy accidents.

Superman and Cowgirl waiting for their first day of school.

Superman, in all his thoughtfulness, interpreted the lyrics of one of the stanzas of this song, as "bury me in Saturn". When someone corrected him, he considered it a moment, and then replied that he still thought that the words were "bury me in Saturn." In his non-confrontational way, he asserted that his lyrics were better. And I agree.

And, I don't really want my kids understanding the words of that song. It's beautiful--I get why they want to sing it. But seriously.

Afterwards, I spent at least half an hour dreaming about what 'bury me in Saturn' could mean.

Those four words could spark a novel. :)


I'm saddling up for another week devoted to writing, and trying to get as much writing as I can get done, between the hours of 9 and 2. My kids have a couple of days off at the end of the week, so I'm trying to focus now. Behind the scenes (of this blog), I have gotten a great deal of revision done on the first half of my WIP, and am interested in writing forward, while continuing to revise as I go. I don't have any word count goals, but I might just challenge some of you to a 1k1hr twitter word off this week. Anyone up for it?

I know a huge bunch of you are gearing up for NaNo. How is the prep going? I'm not sure I'm in the best place to participate, but can't wait for the surge of energy. Love it when everyone is writing fast and furiously!

And, I have been doing a lot of research about the volatile publishing environment right now, and considering all options for the future of my career. How about you? Are you thinking about agents and traditional publishing, or e-books and author control?

What are your goals this week? Are you prepping for NaNo?
And, what would it look like to be buried in Saturn?  


  1. I agree with Superman! "Bury me in Saturn" is pretty gorgeous.

    I think this is the first year in a while I won't be doing NaNo, since revisions will be occupying the majority of my time, but I will be on hand to cheer everyone on!

  2. NaNo NoNo. :-)

    I need to finish the three books that are highest on my priority list before trying that again.

    Bury me in Saturn? Sounds awesome. Maybe you and Superman can write it together.

  3. I think Saturn's gravitational pull is so much stronger than that of the Earth that our bodies would be instantly crushed upon entering Saturn's atmosphere. (I'm happy to be corrected on this)

    Still Superman's lyrics definitely win out.

    NaNo is still a Never for me, sorry.

    -- Tom

  4. Becky--you and I might be in a similar boat for NaNo. I'm halfway through a wip, and doing revisions as I go... But you never know. Maybe I'll be ready for something new then.

    Sarah--LOL about the No-No. I'm so impressed that you have three books in the works. I can't wait to hear how things are progressing for you! And, that's an awesome idea--Superman has some amazing views of space in general...

    Tom--I won't tell Superman that. He's still reeling from the planetarium instructor telling us about how our galaxy is due to go through another galaxy, but that it won't matter, since our Sun is going to burn out before that time, and kill us anyway (or some similar chain of events) She seemed to not be aware that time is a difficult concept for worried 7 year olds.

    I love the idea of being wrapped up in Saturn's rings. Gravitational pull notwithstanding.

    And, I laughed at your very down to earth comment!

  5. I love what kids come up with while singing songs!
    I'm still exhausted from my fun vacation (that sounds weird, but it is true). So I am too tired to make any goals for myself today. :)

  6. I'll probably start writing before Nano but I am plotting right now. Good luck with revisions!

  7. nanonanonanonanonano

    I am thinking of it, obvs, and taking a bit of inspiration from Blindspot.

    I am going to push myself, harder than I have in the past, to write. The project: SE.

    Can I come landscape around your steps? I have so many ideas!

  8. Kelly--So glad you had a great vacation!

    Laura--Indeed--sometimes NaNo doesn't fit into the schedule. Thanks!

    J--Excellent. And, yes. Landscape away. You can clean out the linen closets while you're at it!