Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Meeting: Anna's Awesome Interview Answers and WINNER

Thanks to everyone who played my crazy book giveaway!

I can't wait to give away (at the end of this post) a copy of Anna's book, MY VERY UNFAIRY TALE LIFE. In the meantime, here is Anna, with answers to my questions:

Q1: Before the book's cover art was completed, what did Anna think the girl was doing on it? Hint: The frog was not on top of the girl's head.

When I first saw the cover for My Very UnFairy Tale Life, I thought it was definitely on the right track, but I couldn't figure out what the girl was looking at. I knew she was supposed to be rolling her eyes, but the more I looked at it, the more confused I got. Was she having a seizure? Was she wondering how to pronounce my last name? After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea of putting a frog on her head, and I was thrilled when my publisher went with it. After all, a girl with a frog on her head is much more interesting than a girl without a frog on her head.

Q2: Anna has a room dedicated to a specific movie series in her house. What is it?

Okay fine, I'm a Star Wars geek. The sun room in our house has slowly become the Star Wars room. 

It started with this Lego Star Destroyer. My husband and I gave that to each other as a wedding present, and it's been the crowning jewel of our house ever since. We also have a Star Wars pop-up book, a Polish movie poster for The Empire Strikes Back, and, of course, a Star Wars throw pillow. (To be fair, the last two were gifts. Once people know you like something, they help feed your obsession.)

I love that obsession! 

Q3. Anna’s main character, Jenny, travels to a world where the inhabitants are missing one key feature. What do you think that key feature is?

I was just surprised as Jenny was when I realized the characters she was helping didn't have mouths. As I was writing the story, I wasn't thinking of it as a serious project that I wanted to have published one day. It was just the funny little story that I came back to when I needed a break from other things. I loved playing with the wacky ideas that came into my head, and one of those ideas, apparently, was mouthless creatures.

Q4. A conversation with Anna’s sister-in-law inspired a part of the book. It has to do with losing a part of the body and hot liquid. Guess what those elements are.

Before I even started writing the book, I had a conversation with my sister-in-law that I knew I had to use in a writing project one day. She and I were talking about my theory that tea is the cure for everything. Soon we were coming up with odd things that tea might not be able to fix. Finally she asked me; "What if my head fell off? Would you still tell me to drink tea?" To which I answered: "Yup. I'd just tell you to pour it down your neckhole." 

Okay, that's pretty gruesome. :) In a funny kind of way!

Q5. In the style of Clue, fill in the blanks. Jenny fights ______ (who), in the ____(location), with a _____ (object).

Jenny fights a crazy clown sorcerer in the kingdom of Speak, with a pink mini-golf ball.

I love Anna's answers! I think they really highlight some of the creative elements in this adventurous book. 

You know what I also loved? All of your answers. Some of them had me down right laughing.

If you want to hear more about Anna's journey with this book, please click over to this interview at Adventures in Children's Publishing. 

For all of you who live in the North East, and want to come support Anna and her book, here are her in real life book tour dates:

November 6 – Book launch party at the Children’s Book Shop in Brookline, Mass. 5pm
November 19 – Book signing/event at the Ames Free Library in Easton, Mass.
Let me know if you need a ride--we can carpool!

And, now, for the winner: 


The winner is.....


Anna thought her use of onion rings was superbly funny!

Congrats all! We'll do another fun giveaway sometime soon!


Now tell me, how is your writing life on this fantastic Monday?


  1. Congrats, Lynn! And thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Your answers were hilarious! And, of course, a huge thanks to Heather!

  2. Congrats Lynn! And I love Anna's answers. Such a fun book, such a fun journey to publication.

  3. I already wanted to read Anna's book, and now I REALLY want to. Love the frog on the cover story. And tea does cure everything. :)

  4. I am so happy for Anna!! And hey Heath, November 19th won't work for me but maybe the 6th! If it's an option for you, email me. That would be so fun!!

  5. Such a fun interview! I can't imagine the cover without the frog--that's the best part! :-)

  6. Wow, I'm sooooooo thrilled that I won! I love Anna's answers, and the tea down the neck hole is a riot! I love Star Wars, too. I'm looking forward to reading your book, Anna. What I really love about your answers is that you wrote the book for the sheer pleasure of writing it without thinking about getting it published. That's super cool. And thank you, Heather, for holding this fun contest and helping us get to know Anna.

    Typing one handed cause of broken arm in cement cast. AAARRRGH!
    Come enjoy Pirate Alphabet starring some of your favorite authors and illustrators.

  8. I love Anna's answers. I so want to read this.

  9. I loved the answers! I think the addition of the frog is perfect! That frog makes the cover. :)

  10. I am impressed that you had a say in the frog -- It does make the exasperation perfect.

    I love the Star Wars room.

    I had such a busy weekend. Wish I had remembered to come back and play. :( Congrats to Lynn though! She's a lucky and creative gal!

  11. What an awesomely fun idea! Congrats to the winner!