Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writing is Like... A Cat Triggered Rube Goldberg Machine

So, I have been tagged by the lovely Lynn Kelley, with the fill-in-the-blank-statement, 'writing is like...'

Writing is like a Rube Goldberg Machine. You know, where you draw out a rough draft, which ends up looking nothing like your final product. You painstakingly put together all the parts, only to find out that the thing doesn't work. 18 drafts, *cough*, tries later, tweaking all the while, the thing still doesn't work.

Maybe because you relied on a kitten to start the whole thing off, and she's pretty fickle. The only time that she actually started the chain effect was when the camera wasn't ready, and nobody was watching. And then there was the time that the other cat destroyed the whole thing, by sauntering through.

Finally, after getting so frustrated that it is only by sheer will that you are setting up those ridiculously sensitive dominoes the 52nd time, the whole thing works.

Like magic.

And then you start to think of the next machine.

Can you tell what I have been doing with all my time? End of year science projects rock. Sort of. I would have included the video if I knew how to upload that kind of thing to the web. Maybe someone will tell me how.

Anyway, please stop by Lynn's blog and check her out. She's new to blogging, and she's sweet and kind and welcoming.

And, instead of tagging someone, I thought I would ask you all, what is writing like for you? What have you been doing in your real life which reminds you of writing?


  1. Bwahahaahaha, best analogy EVER. Love it, H!! And love that cat-triggered Rube Goldberg!! So great!!

    For me, writing is like cooking a fine French 7-course meal. I want the end result to be so, so, so great, but I don't have the skills to balance making all the courses without screwing them all up at various stages. :D But by golly, I shall get there, and my 7-course meal will be FAB when I'm done!

  2. Never leave things to cat. I learned that the hard way...

  3. Great analogy (and cute kitten). Weeding always reminds me of writing.

  4. passing on an appreciation of rube goldberg to younger generations is an important and commendable thing. you are to be congratulated!

    writing is like... writing. i don't think i've ever come across anything so rewarding and so soul-crushingly frustrating in my life.


  5. Splendid analogy, H!

    And as always, I am jealous of your children.

  6. Well, that pretty much describes it. Love the photos

  7. I love it!

    One of my students used the phrase "it's like herding squirrels" in my class last semester, and it just cracked me up. So for me, I think writing is a lot like trying to herd squirrels.

  8. Hi Heather. You're too kind. Thank you! Your analogy is so unique. I love how you tied it in with your son's science experiment. That would be cool to see the videoclip. You got lots of great comments here, too.
    I like that you asked everyone to take part and express what writing is like for them, Nice.

  9. Oh Heather ... guess what I've been doing with MY time? Helping K and her science project buddy build *their* Rube Goldberg machine. What did Mrs. M's science class do to these kids?? I have to send you a picture (pulley, see-saw, 10 feet of aluminum air duct, golf balls ... but no dominoes, thank heavens!) But wait, you'll see it in a couple of hours at school. Talk to you soon!!

  10. Marisa--When you figure out the seven course meal thing, teach me. My cooking is farther away from success than my writing is. If you can believe it. LOL

    Elena--That is a fair point. I don't know what we were thinking. We used a good amount of "movie magic" for the video.

    MG--LOL. My whole "garden" is weeds right now. I might have missed the planting opportunity this year. Ooops.

    Tom--Rewarding and soul crushing. For sure. Sigh. I wish I had known about rube goldberg things when I was younger.

  11. J--Maybe we can think up a blogging rube goldberg machine. What would that look like?


    Anna--Herding squirrels. That sounds rough. :)

    Lynn--Thanks for tagging me and starting the discussion! I'll see about loading the video. :)


    Nandini--Good to see you today. I enjoyed K's project. I liked how it was well painted!!

  12. Nice post and nice Rube Goldberg machine.

    Writing is like painting. Thanks for the prompt, I'm stealing it for my blog.

  13. Brilliant analogy. This is hilarious! So true.