Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WINNERS and Summer Transition

Thanks again to Lynn and all the wonderful people who stopped by to share the love with Lynn at her interview on Friday. It's never too late to find out about the writers behind the blogs, so please check out the list of past interviewees on my blog roll and take a look. Maybe you'll find a new blog to follow or a new crit partner. Seriously. :)

The comments were wonderful on Friday and throughout the weekend. Lynn chose Tina Laurel Lee to receive CURSE AT ZALA MANOR*  and Rebecca Kiel to receive SECRET OF HAUNTED BOG* because of their rockin' comments and questions!

A big thanks to Lynn for the giveaway, and thanks to all of you who stopped by!

Didn't win, but want to buy a copy of Lynn's books? Click through here!

I have so much more to blog about--amazing book signings and kidlit get-togethers, but that will have to wait until I'm over the hump into summer. I hope everyone is having an awesome writing week!

*Blogger was in a mood today, and not letting me insert uploaded pictures. Imagine that the images are there!!


  1. Congrats to the winners, great prizes!

  2. Yay for winning a book! So exciting.

    Thanks, Lynn!

    I am very excited to check the book out and to let my son check it out. His dyslexia sometimes makes reading difficult although he is a huge audible reader, but somehow your books look like the types of books he can power through. I am always looking for that kind of experience for him. And for myself, I want to see how the collaboration plays out to a finish product!

    Thanks, Heather, for introducing us to Lynn!

  3. Congrats to the winners. And I can relate to summer transitioning. It's busier than I thought.

  4. Thanks again to Heather for hosting the interview. I agree with Heather that the other interviews she has on her blog roll are worth taking some time to read. I read a few and found them quite interesting. I'll make time to read the rest, too.

    So congratulations to the two winners, Tina and Rebecca. Once I get their addresses, I'll ship the books out pronto.

    Tina, I hope your son finds CURSE AT ZALA MANOR entertaining and easy to read. If I can reach a reluctant reader, then I'll feel a sense of great accomplishment because that's been one of my main goals since I started writing for kids. And SECRET OF HAUNTED BOG is even faster paced, so hopefully your son will want to go on the next adventure with the zombuddies!

    Thanks to everyone who left their comments. I've already signed up to follow some of your blogs and will visit the others this week. I've been out of town and need to catch up with everything.

    Yay for summertime!