Monday, April 4, 2011

"C" is for Cheatin', and Monday Meeting

His shirt says, "I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS". 
I didn't get my B post in, but if I had, it would have been, "B" is for Birthday Boy. Saturday we celebrated my 7-year-old's birthday by going to the movies and having a sleepover for a bunch of his friends. There really was no sleeping involved. I'm still recouping. :)

So, I feel like I've Cheated on the whole A-to-Z challenge, by missing the SECOND DAY (which was Saturday). But life is like that right now--I feel like I'm barely hanging on to all my responsibilities--a ton of stuff is happening in real life, and not enough in my writing/blog life.

So, the fact that I've Cheated on my friends by not making it to their blogs recently, or on my writing partners by not getting to skype with them recently, or on my coworkers by not checking-in via chat, weighs on me. I'm just feeling overwhelmed by life in general and need to take things one moment at a time. All I can say is that I'm missing all my connections in the blogging world, and that I value them all. You know who you are. I'll try to Cheat less. :)

And that brings me to the Monday Meeting:

I am being kind to myself this week, and just saying that my goals are to write and blog. And nothing much beyond that. I hope to revamp the blog a bit--simplify and re-do some things--and make it to some A-to-Z participants blogs, the Practice Room, and visit a few old blogging friends. And follow Anita on her blog tour.

What plans do you have this week? Have you been Cheatin' on one part of your life? What do you say to yourself when you struggle with getting "it all" done? How do you divide your time?


  1. been sick so not very creative but luckily I'd scheduled my first week of posts in advance.

    like the t-shirt :)

  2. I have to work hard this week as the following two weeks will be very busy. So I hope to write 4-5 pages in the new mg. And maybe tinker with my last mg a bit.
    Good luck, HEather! Get a nap in!

  3. Sleepovers cost me days of function! At least your house probably didn't smell like nail polish remover afterward, right?

    Thanks for participating in the blog tour! You are a true blog friend! I'm cheating on every part of my life to get this e-book off the ground, but I'm trying to incorporate the kids into the process, so that's fun...husband's involved whether he wants to be or not!

  4. So you got your miss out of the way early. No biggie! Happy Birthday Boy!

  5. Don't be too hard on yourself. Some weeks are harder to get much writing done. I'm hoping to revise a chapter or two of my manuscript, but it's spring break and my husband and daughter are off. If I have to give up some writing to spend time with them at night, I'm planning to do it. Because family time, like your son's birthday, is very important.

  6. I'm not cheatin' but I am doing a lot of procrastinatin'

    I do like your goals this week! Yes, be kind to yourself!

  7. Happy Belated B to your boy!! That's a great age. Being kind to yourself is very important. Good for you.

  8. Seven is a wonderful year. Happy birthday. Don't me hard on yourself. Being a mother means everything is triage. You have to get to the stuff that's can't wait and, sometimes, that means blogs don't get written and writing is postponed. In our group Hilde is the insanely busy mother of five year old twins and Kris has a five year old son. Mine are grown now and there's lots more time for writing. Enjoy the moments!

  9. Cheating is my middle name. Well, it used to be.

  10. Looks like our weekends were verrrry similar. My nine-year-old's birthday party was Friday night. Lots of football, then lots of Star Wars.

  11. So glad you are being kind to yourself! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed myself this week. I have been letting a lot of things slide including sleep. Very tired as i write this... Cheat as much as you need to. :)

  12. Hi, I'm just glad you signed up for the A to Z so that I can meet and follow and to (eventually) begin to know you. (With all the A to Z blogs to check out, it'll be a while before I return ... but I will ... promise! (I'm at about the same stage in the writing process as you.)

  13. I haven't written anything new in months. Editing and pubbing is brutal on creativity.
    Hope to get in the zone this week.
    Be kind to yourself and refill the well by reading.

  14. Thanks everyone! I feel well-loved.

    Marcy--Oh, I hope you feel better soon--I'm impressed that you and Dianne are doing a first page crit together--very cool. I'm sending healthy vibes up to Maine.

    Kelly--I like your forward thinking. Good luck making progress!

    Anita--I am so impressed with your start to the blog tour--love your candid answers at J's blog. I know you will be successful with your books, and I'm so impressed that you are breaking the mg e-book ground. :)

    Kris--Is a miss allowed? Phew. :)

    Natalie--I know, family comes first. But I'll go a little crazy if I don't get some solid writing time in soon. Like in the Shining. All work and no play... Just kidding. Kind of...

    M--I've been missing seeing you in the practice room! Your procrastinatin' comment made me chortle out loud. :)

    Pen and Ink--Triage is spot on! And it's good to know that it gets easier. I feel like it's already easier with my youngest at five. Next year they all will be in school... Yay and boo-hoo!! Thanks for the support, and the light at the end of the tunnel!!

    Tracy--LOL. What is it now?!

    Jenny--woo-hoo for star wars! And birthday parties. And a whole year until the next one!!

    Tina--I think that deep down, this post was mostly an apology to you. :)

    Catherine--very nice to meet you! I'll see you around the blogosphere! And, you've got a very nice, cozy blog!

  15. Margaret--Thanks for the support! Good luck with your non-creative endeavors. And, thanks again for the wonderful interview on Friday. Anita will be here in a few weeks, and she'll talk about e-pubbing her middle grade novel as well. It's an up and coming trend, I think.

  16. I wouldn't even sign up for it until I had the first 7 post written. I liked the challenge of posting everyday and see if I could do it. Sounds like your son had a great bday!

  17. hope your son had a great birthday! And we all do the best we can to 'get around'--for me at the mo, work is interfering, so I hear ya!

  18. Laura--I'm such a pantser when it comes to blogging. I will write them ahead of time, but I ALWAYS ditch them for my thoughts in the moment. :) I'm glad you were able to set yours up ahead of time.

    Hart--Thanks! And I hope that work lightens up for you!