Thursday, March 18, 2010

What in the World is W.I.B.I.J.?!

So, there have been hints, here and there, and some blatant early unveiling.  And, today, it's official.  Today, we reveal what in the world is WIBIJ.  WIBIJ is an action packed fun filled game of follow the clues, blogger scavenger style.

In January, we all started noticing one blogger in particular covering a lot of ground in the writing blogosphere.  Jon seemed to be everywhere at once, leaving amazing, glittery comments.  And, Jon, Tina and myself thought, hey, it would be fun to create a game around trying to find out Where in the Blogosphere is Jon?!  And thus, the race begins.  On Wednesday, March 24th at 1 PM EST.  

I would explain it all here, but it is so much better for you to just go check it out for yourself.  Head over to the W.I.B.I.J. blog, and peruse the circus tent.  Dig around.  Click like you've never clicked before.  Sign your blog up to be a stop on a future race.  Put the date and time in your iPhone.  And then show up on race day, a few minutes early (you can sign in up to ten minutes ahead of time), if you plan on doing the high octane, fully loaded and caffeinated race.  And if you want to hear from a WIBIJ first place winner, check this out!  Thanks Dena!

If you want to play the decaf version without the time pressure (still totally fun), then show up any time in the 24 hours after 1 PM on Wednesday.  The speed game takes about an hour, so anytime after two, you can take your time, not feel rushed and figure out the clues on your own time table.  And, there is a second, just as (if not more) awesome award--the Best Comment Award.  C'mon, we know you're writers.  Show us your best stuff!

Speaking of the Best Comment Award, Casey, at Literary Rambles won that coveted award last week, and our unveiling continues, in full force, at her blog tomorrow, where she was sweet enough to let us discuss WIBIJ.  

And, in case you need more proof that this game is the most fun you can possibly have in the blogosphere (a virtual Amazing Race!), here is a clue, to whet your appetite.  Follow this clue to an amazing blogger (and friend), who just might be talking about something pretty darn cool.  Get your google on, and GO!

A clue in rhyme in WIBIJ style, 
Hopefully it won't take you a while,
To find our fearless commentator,
And watch her practice, now and later.

If this clue leaves you in wonder,
Shivering in questions, all assunder,
Know that she's great with reviews of each book.
Kelly Link's most recent--go take a look!


  1. Tina! I was just there!
    Woo hoo for another WIBIJ! Looking forward to it!
    So, Heather, are you the poet for the clues on WIBIJ? I am impressed...

  2. Great post, H. And your clue-age rocks. As per usual. Thanks for bringing rhyming into my life.

  3. Kelly-- you know she is. Although Jon really can't help himself either!

    word ver: bless says it all.

  4. Kelly--yes, sadly, those have been my salty rhymes that you have been exposed to. Luckily nobody calls me out on meter, or flow... And, if you would ever like to be a guest clue-writer, let me know! It's a community effort at WIBIJ!

  5. Kelly--I have to add, I think that Jon and Tina are actually superior rhymers--check out their practice runs in the WIBIJ archives. They're really good at it. But, we each have our role to play, so you guys are stuck with me for a while (and I actually really enjoy it!). :)

    I can't wait for your Friday Feature tomorrow!

  6. Tina--Aww, thanks. Hugs back at ya.

  7. Fun, fun, fun! You guys are too cool. ;-)

  8. Thanks for linking me dude!

  9. Shannon--It's such fun! I can't wait for Wednesday!

    Dena--Thanks for the great post!

  10. Jon--Hello there! Sometimes my eyes glaze over comments. Somehow I missed you.