Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Meeting and Eye Candy

I thought that I might give you some eye candy (since candy seems to be a theme here these days!) Northwriter style.  This weekend, we took a hike around Walden Pond.  It was a fantastically gorgeous day.  It must have been close to 50 degrees.
The pond was covered by a precarious shelf of ice.

Beautiful ice.  Superman was the first to point out the obviously insane fishermen out on the middle of the pond.

Okay, so sometimes in life, as in writing, you have to break the rules, 

              And, look the audience straight on.

Never, ever hide.  (Except from the internet, when you need to get some work done!)

Rest a bit when the going gets tough.

          Throw your arms out wide...

...and go after the prize.

In this case:  ice cream.  (Homemade, "Superman" ice cream, if you're wondering!  I'm serious, it's named "Superman".)  In my opinion, ice cream is even better than candy. 

Okay, so I know that my kids were blocking all the beautiful Walden scenes :).  Hopefully you could see enough around the edges to be inspired to make writing progress this week.  And for those of you who really pay attention, and who may be concerned about the lack of picture time for my oldest child, let me reassure you, he chose to play with friends during our ice walk.  And, he's a bit shy about appearing on the blog.  

So, I am busy going after the prize, and keeping my blogging to a minimum (hence the pictures-say-a-thousand-words post).  

What are you accomplishing this week?  What inspires you?  Broken any good rules lately?

I also want to say thanks to Anita for an excellent interview this past Friday.  And be sure to come back this Friday for the prolific Jo Ramsey!  She has recently published a YA book.  Come by and check out her story.


  1. This week, I am accomplishing more than I usually do: something, anything. Ha. Okay, seriously though. I am breaking rules no more and really jumping in to my writing this week. It's time. I've been missed.

  2. Your kids are too cute! I actually allowed myself some time away from revision this weekend to go on a date in Boston with my husband - it was some much needed fun time. But now it's back to work. I have two revisions staring me down! I will defeat them both!

  3. It's fun learning the right way to break rules. Quite a contradiction. Cute kids. I think I've walked that hike before but not for a long, long time. And we still have fishermen out on the ice. Crazy!

  4. Great photos of your kids. Walden Pond is a place I've wanted to go! I still have my copy of Walden by Thoreau.

    This week I'm hoping to do a revision of my WIP. I went out crosscountry skiing yesterday, came home and scribbled a page of ideas I'd gotten while I was out on the trails. Now I need to somehow wrap my brain around the ideas and see what happens.

    I did sort of break a rule this morning. Instead of writing, I finished reading Brutal by Michael Harmon. I just couldn't not finish the book before starting my revision. It's an amazing story!
    And now I'm commenting on blogs before I've gotten in an hours worth of writing. Another unwritten rule broken!

    Good luck w/your revision!

  5. Wow, I want to hike with you all. Cute and fun and beautiful!

    With your gauntlet thrown, I have been super productive. We'll see if I can keep it up. You'll have to help with that.


  6. Jon--You get a ton done. I know. I'm glad you're focusing on your writing, but it's good to have things like blog posts and WIBIJ that actually have a quick start and finish, to feel like something is actually done. I think you're excelling at a lot simultaneously. Writing is a long haul. You'll get there.

    Anna--Woo-hoo for date night! I hope you went somewhere great. And, you will defeat them both!

    Laura--I was sure that those fishermen were going to go through as we watched. They weren't the only ones. It was a bit hard to tell Superman and Cowgirl that it was dangerous, when someone was out there. We could see the ice melting.

    Paul--I get my bestest :-) ideas while outside, exercising. Sometimes you just have to finish a good book! That should spur on your own writing. The blog thing--oh dear. I do that myself. It's a hard temptation. But I did get a good solid chunk of revision done this morning too. Good luck getting your revision going this week! I'll have to check out Brutal.

    Tina--Whenever you want, come out East! And I FEEL you--MORE IGNORING OF THE INTERNET. Can we get a chant going?

  7. I love superman ice cream! Yeah... ignoring the internet has definitely been on my list. Except as soon as I sign off, I have to look something up. Very annoying!

  8. Natasha--that is annoying. But good research! The superman ice cream was a bit sweet for me. And tasted a bit like bananas. But, it's my son's favorite, and the ice cream place doesn't make it all the time. I think it's seasonal or something. I prefer cookies 'n cream.

  9. I totally just got inspired by the pic of your son eating icecream! That gave me a pretty good idea...I will share with you later, if it turns into anything good and productive!
    What I'm accomplishing this week:
    -Write another PB. This is really the biggest goal I can set for myself. It blows my mind how hard it can be to just sit down and WRITE with kids in the house! Even without kids, if I'm honest. Recently I've been drawing a blank every time I open up Word. In the non-writing world, I hope to organize my daughter's bedroom. That'll be much, much harder.
    - What inspires me: Dramatic bionic lobsters, garden gnomes of inspiration, my children, old movies, music, my own childhood, random objects ie. forks. I often feel compelled to give household appliances a name and a personality.
    Oh, and the Farting Preacher.

    -Have I broken any rules today: Depends on who made the rules. Certainly not me. I hate rules. I make rules mah bitch!!

  10. Beautiful! And now, of course, I'm craving ice cream!

  11. Dena--I'm so happy you found some inspiration here!

    It is so hard to sit down and write. There is absolutely always something else that needs attention. We do this thing where we unplug for an hour and just write. I think that I might blog about it on Wednesday. I notice during that hour how often I would stop writing if I wasn't committed to the whole hour.

    I love that about household appliances. And how you don't bow down to rules! LOL

  12. Anita--Unfortunately I REFRAINED from the ice cream on Saturday. I don't know what I was thinking. So, I'm craving too...

  13. Love the pics! Cute kiddos you got there!
    My writing will be stalled this week since I'm working all week. But luckily I can read about 40 minutes a day at school while the kids have their art special. (I know I should write then, but I think I'd get distracted). I'll be working on my Get Funny classwork in the evenings too...

  14. Cute Kids!
    I decided to write another serial blog story, featuring my MG protag. :-) It's fun and in honor of St. Paddy's day. I have about two more installments to write and pre-post and then I'll continue with my MG novel. :-)

  15. Kelly--At least you know that you probably won't get writing done, and you won't be frustrated about it! I hope the querying is going well. It's also awesome to have a chunk of time just for reading! Have fun!

    Magolla--Thanks for the heads up about the blog story. That's cool! Good luck.

  16. Walden Pond!!! That is so cool! I've always wanted to see it. Really cute pics.

  17. Cute kiddos! I have two boys and a girl, too. This makes me feel like you can easily relate to my lack of writing time. That's my goal this week, to catch up on laundry and grading papers and have a whole DAY vs. just a few hours. A day of writing. Sigh.

  18. MG--and now you have seen it! ;) Thanks.

    Lori--I would love a day of writing. I'm sighing with you. I'm also sighing about catching up on laundry! Someday, right? I hope you are able to get that whole day!

  19. Looks like the kids had a good time.