Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday Meeting

Yes, I know that it is Tuesday. But yesterday got sucked into the holiday vortex, and while I knew (kind-of) that it was Monday, it felt like Sunday. My whole week was thrown off. So today, in my universe, it's Monday. Hopefully everyone can deal with that.

This week, I'm chugging ahead with revisions. I have a few more things to input into the first half, and some sequence changes. And this past weekend I cut some thirty pages from the second half. I am acutely aware that I am writing for MG, and that even some of the action is unnecessary. So, thirty pages of good stuff is out. I'm definitely moving forward.

And, I was surprised to find myself writing (on a blog comment) that I was enjoying the revision process. I was surprised to write it, and more surprised to find that it was true. So, maybe I can do this writing thing.

What goals do you have for this week? What's surprising you this week?


  1. Took a long weekend and didn't write (I was out of town and without a laptop), but now I need to get going with the second half of my WIP.

  2. I've been firmly holding to the belief that today is Monday. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :-)

    I've also been knee-deep in revision for the past few days. I'm working on developing the world a bit more in my MG fantasy and I've discovered that I'm much better at cutting than at expanding. I finally hit a wall this afternoon and sent what I have to a beta reader. Hopefully she can point out some more places to fill in.

    Good luck with the revision - thirty pages cut sounds like great progress!

  3. I'm surprised another week has gone by. And I'm surprised, but really shouldn't be, that every time I think I'm going through my book one last time, I get more info on how to make it better.

    Did relax some this past week. Did not read as much as I was hoping. Did write another poem and did edit 5 chapters. Planning something similar this week.

  4. Paul-- sometimes a weekend off is just what the writer needs.

  5. Anna-- World development is a tough one, especially since it is great to leave some room for the reader to fill in their own take on it. I hope you get some good input from your beta.

  6. Sarah-- I'm glad you recharged a bit. I'm surprised another week is gone as well. October is really chugging past.

  7. Goals for the week. I'm in the thick of revising a multi-viewpoint YA novel. Doing sentence level editing to get each voice right. And I'm enjoying it, too. I'm hoping to finish it up and send it to one of my critique partners before my agent sends me my other ms which I have one final light-edit to do before it goes out on submission.

  8. Paul-- Sounds like solid goals. My MG novel has two POVs, and I love exploring the different voices.

    And that's exciting about having just a light edit before submission--the finish line is in your sights. Congrats!