Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Meeting

Thanks to a great week with revisions, I am plowing ahead. I didn't quite finish what I set out to do last week, but got really close.

This week, I'm hoping to finish the first half of revisions and start cruising through the second half. These will be rolling revisions, since enough has changed in the first half that I will need to change the second half as well. Better and better with every revision.

But, I'm giving myself a break this week. I got a pretty wild migraine yesterday, and am still feeling the effects. One of the things that happens during my migraines is that I lose words. Not the best thing to happen to a writer (or a mom, I suppose). Even this morning, 24 hours after the onset of the migraine, I still could not carry on a conversation. I feel as though there are holes in my brain, and the words slip out, and I can't find them. But the words are really still there, only hidden by the holes. I cannot thread words together, and forget how to say things. This is not good. It'll take me another day to bounce back.

Hopefully nobody else is losing their words. What are your goals for the week?


  1. I lose my words all the time. Usually, the best remedy is to read. A lot.

  2. Last week I wrote 420 new words and edited 15 chapters. This week - I'm tired. Too many things going on and I need a little recharging. I'll still do some editing on the weekend, but I'm not setting a goal today.

  3. Paul-- Thanks for the support. Losing words is difficult.

    Sarah--You are my inspiration for this week. 15 revised chapters and 420 new words? Wow. And I think that you did just set a goal--to recharge.