Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Feature: Tracy Wymer's THE COLOR OF BONES

I am so excited to bring you the news that Tracy Wymer's middle grade book, THE COLOR OF BONES is now out! You can check out his way-back-when (2010!) Friday Feature Interview here.

Here's what THE COLOR OF BONES is all about:

Twelve year-old Derby Shrewd lives in a divided town. Lights live on the Northside of the Line, Darks live on the Southside. Hillside has been that way ever since the Line appeared naturally from the ground, much like a spring welling up from deep inside the earth.

Now the Line controls the town, keeping Hillside separated, zapping those who come near it and killing those who dare cross it.

But when Derby, a Northsider, finds a pile of bones stacked on the Line, he sets out to uncover the person's identity. While doing so, he befriends a Southside girl and soon begins to challenge the Line and the town's rules. And then, before he can turn back, Derby goes too far.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? 

It is. I've read it. :)

Here is Tracy's website, with all the links you will need to get a copy for yourself and to check out this wonderfully supportive kidlit writer. If you haven't followed Tracy's blog, he's a funny and honest blogger.

So, give Tracy some love, check out his novel, and have a fabulous weekend!

Woo-hoo! Congrats, Tracy!

Stop by here on Monday for my first Cone of Silence (in publication) discussion. :) 


  1. I have this book on my to-read list and am EXCITED about the first chapter and it is very promising...just have to get past my own deadlines, first. Tracy is awesome. And isn't he cute? Thanks for this post!

  2. @ Anita--Tracy is awesome. :) So glad to have met him through the blogosphere! It's people like him who make the community the supportive place that it is. And, I'm so happy to be able to spread his good news!

  3. I am looking forward to reading this too! Also looking forward to hearing about Tracy's publication journey. Especially the responses from his students. He is in a great position to get his book into the hands of kiddos. I think that is cool.

    Wondering how the YA is going, H! How are you?

  4. it does look good! thanks for sharing - i'll add it to the tbr pile :)