Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock the Drop!

Yesterday, I went to my beloved Indie book store and picked up two YA books. Then in my travels, I left them out in a public place, for a teen to find and pick up. The rain hampered my book destinations, as did my inability to be in all places at once. :)

While stopping for food for the sitter (a teen boy) and my three kids, I set the books down on a bench outside of a Five Guys Burgers. I'm itching to send a teen out to see if they were picked up.

Here's the evidence:



The notes read: If you are a teen, then this book is for YOU. Happy reading. #rockthedrop 

Inside, Cowgirl and Superman rocking the markers.

What do you think? Good picks?

I might put a call out to other Natick writers to send their teens over to see if the books are still there. :) (I'm looking at you, Nandini and Martha!) Is that cheating?

Thanks to Readergirlz for inspiring us to Rock the Drop!

And capping off the fun yesterday was a fabulous dinner with some wonderful writers. Thanks to Marissa, Kip, Alicia, Michele, Kyla, and Nandini for coming out and sharing the laughs last night!


  1. So awesome and fun, Heather!! I just finished Looking for Alaska yesterday. I just can't stop thinking about it! What awesome book choices and lucky teens! <3

  2. I missed this event, but it sounds so cool. And I've got some cool stuff to give away. I might have to have a contest soon. Or just rock my own drop.

  3. @ Anna--I thought so! I was hoping to leave a book that might appeal to both boys and girls.

    @Robert--Thanks! *blushing*

    @Marisa--I really enjoyed that one too. I love John Green's newest one, but felt the cover of Looking For Alaska was more enticing. :)

    @Kris--I would feel free to rock the drop whenever you are so inclined! I wasn't sure (in the rush of yesterday) that I would get to drop mine. I would have had no qualms dropping them today. A free book is a free book is a free book. :)

  4. I LOVE this! I had no idea what rock the drop was and it is amazing! What a wonderful surprise for a teen!

  5. You are so awesome to do this, Heather! I've never heard of rock the drop, and I haven't read these books - yet! I want to. Your kids look like they're having a good time. Ah, to be a kid again!

  6. so THAT's what rock the drop is! i've been wondering. such an awesome idea.

    i'm signed up for world book night and pick up my books tomorrow. after i'm done with that, methinks i shall rock the drop in nyc!!!

  7. @Kelly--I really hope that teens had fun--and knew about the thing. :)

    Lynn--Hello!! It was fun around. Hope your life has calmed down.

    Gina--World book night sounds very cool, as well. I'll have to check it out. :)