Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Blog Post That Doesn't Suck

This is not a how-to, but a has-been.

I've been struggling this morning with writing a blog post which doesn't suck.

It hasn't gone well. :)

I normally think that a good blog post has a little something for everything. A sprinkle of real life, a touch of writing talk, a bit of humor or voice, an optimistic view of the immediate writing future, and perhaps a kitten.

However, it is vacation week for my kids, and that is sucking all the life out of me (in a good way, of course), and my writing time.


Meanwhile, my mouth is writing checks that my time can't cash.

I challenged This One to a duel. A finish-the-revision duel. Yup. On a week when she is going GREAT GUNS, and I can't find time to write a decent blog post, let alone revise a novel! If you click over, make sure to tell her that she rocks. :)

On another note, I proclaim that Laura Pauling wins my WANTED: POSTER contest. Check out these awesome posters and blurbs she created! I think she should go professional on creating blurbs--she's awesome!

I am struggling with my writing goals this week, as I focus on vacation stuff with the kids. I'm hoping that I'll be back on the ROW 80 goals come Monday. I hope all the other ROWers are doing better than me!

On Friday, make sure to stop by here since I am hosting the awesome Jeff Hirsch on the blog. Loved his book, The Eleventh Plague.

I hope you'll join me, and I hope that I can get my creativity back in gear soon!

How do you balance writing on a difficult week? How are your ROW goals? What, in your opinion, makes a blog post not suck? Are you revising--do you want to join in our challenge? We'd love to include you in the competition to finish first! Have a great rest of the week, and good luck with your writing!


  1. well, I'm trying to finish the last 50 pages or so of an extensive revision, and this week is going to be super busy non-writing wise.
    It helps me to look at the time I will have in advance, and mentally pencil in that those hours are writing time, and not for other projects/chores/responsibilities.
    It doesn't always work, but hey, I try! :)

  2. Struggling with eye strain at the moment which is an annoyance because I want to be working! Hopefully after a little more rest, I'll be back on it!

  3. Good luck on the revisions. I was having a challenge week with them last week. It went better once I unplugged.

  4. Good luck! Vacation is sucking my brain out too. Mom. Mom. Mooooommmmmm! Argh! And kudos on the duel - anything that works to get edits and revisions moving forward is a good thing, win or not, you'll make progress.

  5. Irregularities in my home life mean... more often than not... irregularities in my writing life. I have finally decided to not fight it... it is simply reality.

    Luckily we don't have a winter break in California. Our next break isn't until Spring. I can live with that....

    And I am somewhat permissive with myself on those situations... like when I traveled this weekend, I knew I would fall behind on some goals. I didn't spontaneously combust, no one hit me over the head with a 2 X 4 and my writing is re-invigorated because I visited some awesome writer/poet spots.... one of my favorite activities on the planet.

  6. I've been struggling with balancing writing during a difficult week because I've had writing/creative burnout from really busting it at work. But what I've found is that if I make myself focus for 20 minutes at a time, with 10 minute breaks, I can usually bust through the wall and at least get my daily count.

    Good luck! And your blog post didn't suck, cause you got it up. :-) The only ones that suck are the unfinished ones.

  7. Laura's wanted posters are awesome!

    I've been working on my picture book. Slow and steady. It used to flow so easily for me a few years ago. I need to get back into the steady groove. My life is busier than ever now, so that is changing my mindset I think.

    Good luck with revisions, Heather!

  8. Cut yourself some slack. The kids are off.

    Your blog post was great. I find I struggle to write my blog when I think too much about what I am saying and I am worried it's not good enough. I also worry that I have nothing to say.
    A good blog post is just a connection to it's writer I think, something your's definitely does. x

  9. Ah, the secret of the non sucky blog post. Something we all shoot for! Thank you so much! I had fun creating those poster while helping promote books I love.

    My kids have vacation next week. NOooooo! :) Kidding. Kind of.

  10. I think most of us find ourselves scrambling to get things done. It's just very, very difficult to find a stretch of time that would tie up loose ends and pull ahead. But you sound like you're making progress, maybe not as much as you'd like, but, hey, pat yourself on the back. And your post didn't suck, no way. It's the connection, your taking the time to think of us and communicate.

  11. I thought this was a great post - plus it had the kitten at the end :)

  12. This is an excellent post because I think it's a very common problem!! I post far less than I might otherwise (to a diary, for instance) because I feel many days that I have nothing interesting to say, blog-wise.

  13. I'm deep into revisions and line edits on my Caged Graves manuscript right now, so I'm not even trying to make my blog posts non-suck.

    I'd take a break, except that I had already planned to break in April, since I'm not doing the A to Z thing. Luckily, my lovely daughter fills in for me when I've got nothing to say on the blog!

  14. If it makes you feel better, I probably won't have time to work on revising until Saturday. :-) You can do it!!

  15. Just like everything else in life as a mom, I balance the writing on those hectic weeks with a lot of self-forgiveness and no worries about lost days. Worrying doesn't get time back, it just wastes more time. :)

    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  16. Sorry your week has been so crazy! Hope you get more time to revise AND blog next week! That said, didn't think your post sucked at all! I especially loved your comment about how blogs are better with kittens. Totally agree!

  17. That cat reminds me so much of the two of us.

  18. i'm so behind, i haven't posted updates on my goals! haha. we all get buried sometimes. you'll adjust and gain balance soon, i'm sure of it :)

  19. Thanks so much for the awesome comments, everyone! Reading them certainly helped me feel connected to other writers during a week when I was unable to write!

    I appreciate every one, and laughed over many of them!

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