Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eating My Words

I love the sparkles of the holiday season--lights are all aglow at our house. Cowgirl, my daughter, especially threw a lot of gusto into decking the halls. Or at least into decking the Christmas tree. 

Which was why she found it so disturbing that tree ornaments started appearing randomly around the house. 

Pip and Jelly, our hooligan kittens, were treating the tree as their very own toy hanger. 

I reassured my daughter. I said, "It's okay. If we move the ornaments up high, the kittens won't be able to reach them, and everything will be safe."

Per usual, I had to eat my words. 

Doesn't she look smug?

I'm hoping to eat other, more yummy things as well this holiday season. I'm especially thinking about cheesecake. Although if eating words would make me more productive with writing, I'd be up for that as well. 

Thanks to all who made last week's Friday Feature fun. Happy holidays to all, I hope you like my gift to you, images of a cat in a tree. :) 

Not inspired yet? Okay. Just for you, I'll throw in an extra cat, and a falling star:

Menaces, my kittens.

I wish you peace during this holiday season! 


  1. Ha! What lovely cat ornaments you have!

  2. OMGosh! I totally missed her in the tree. That is too funny.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Heather, and a Happy New Year. Maybe this will be the year we'll get together and meet in person. :)

  3. I love when your cat turns up in blog posts! :)

  4. How awesome of you to go to ALL THAT TROUBLE to put up a new play thing for your kittens! You guys are so sweet!

  5. Anna--I know, right? I think they make the tree much more festive. I hope your puppy isn't reveling in similar activities!

    Sheri--Let's make it happen in 2012! She is incognito up there in the branches.

    Anita--LOL. I actually think that kitty posts are probably the lowest common denominator of blog posts. But oh well. Real life keeps sinking in!

    Dianne--ROFL. Maybe I'll leave it up all year long for them. We could have a forest of cat tree toy hangers in our living room. They would love it!

  6. Our two youngest cats play CalvinBall every night (The only rule in CalvinBall is that you have to play it differently every time you play it) and the Christmas Tree has featured a lot in their games of late. We think they're simply changing the scoring mechanism every night.

    Yesterday, as we started taking down the tree, Bonn looked at the floor and said, "Can you believe the amount of broken ornaments here?"

    I'm not sure why she was surprised.

    -- Tom

  7. We figured out early on, that breakable ornaments and our family don't go hand in hand. Most of our ornaments are stuffed. It's a little sad, though, that as our kids get less destructive, that our pets get more so! We had one breakable ornament to put on the tree this year, and my youngest child dropped it on the tile, trying to show it to my husband. Sigh. We just can't have nice things. LOL.