Monday, April 5, 2010

Embracing Monday

Okay, so I wish that I were rushing into the week this way.  Instead, I'm just plugging along.  Maybe by the end of the day, I'll be embracing things!

And, my focus this morning isn't really on writing.  It's about cleaning, and errands and home stuff, brought on by spring-like weather. But I know that I will get my writing done, since I'm meeting coworkers to unplug, and I'm skyping with a writing partner tomorrow.  With that kind of accountability, I just have to move forward.

But, this is going to be a great week!  Another W.I.B.I.J.?! game on Wednesday (1 PM and for 24 hours after), and a fabulous Friday Feature, yes, you guessed it--on Friday--here, with Laurel.  Check out her blog, and get briefed so you can leave her an awesome question!

Another reason that I'm not jumping into writing this morning is because I'm waiting for feedback.  It's hard for me to work forward, when I'm wondering how the feedback will be.  However, I'll give it a try anyway.  When all else fails, there's plenty of Easter candy here to keep me pumped up on sugar.

And, as for setting a goal?  Hmmm.  This week I want to do one pass through on the remainder of my book all the way until the end.  And then save another pass through for next week.  Let's see how much I get done!

I think I have to think about the revisions this week in a playful way.  Like this:
It's weird that Dora seems to be in a constant state of watching.  Like my coworkers.  Yes, you know who you are--you guys are the Dora the Explorers of my writing life.
Okay, here's the final picture, that features the end of this chain of events, and shows how I hope to feel by the end of this writing week--pleased with myself.

What are you going to do today, even though you might not be embracing it?  Do you write when you're not technically inspired?  What is your goal this week?  How did you do on last week's goal (if you were bold enough to set one!)? And, how do you make revising (or writing) playful?  Let's embrace the writing, shall we??


  1. Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!

  2. Omg, my last word ver was talking about you: rockin

  3. Great photos! I had my head in my rewrite all last week, didn't unplug but did very little on line. And this week I hope to have it in good enough shape to give to a reader or two. Actually, I'd like to send it off tomorrow but more likely it'll be Thursday.

    I've got a local writer's group meeting today. I'm trying out this group. I'm not sure if it's a good match for me but won't know unless I give it a go. Time is precious and I don't want to waste mine or anyone elses. I hope you have a great week!!

  4. I love your encouraging Monday posts! Cute photos. Goals = spring cleaning (believe me, this will lead to MORE time writing because it won't be over my head) AND putting an action plot alongside my emotional plot in a YA novel I'm getting back to after a long break.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

  5. Yes, I'm with Lori W. about the photos and your encouraging posts! And my eyes will be watching you, keeping me on task. Thank goodness you will be right back at me keeping me from panicking. Busy week. And I'm in slow mo. Still stuck on chapter 8.

  6. Sounds like you are in the final revisions. I didn't do as much writing during that time. In fact, I don't like that phrase because I hadn't started writing a new story yet. I did spend more time blogging and researching agents and trying to brainstorm ideas. But it's also a good time to relax before you start submitting and working on your next project. A break is okay.

  7. The repetition in "Dora" is almost unbearable for me. Just thought I'd throw in that fun fact.

    I have writing to do this week- and it's been really hard to get motivated recently. I've been feeling very BLAH today. Plus I have my bro and sis-in-law coming tomorrow, so I guess that means I'll be cleaning tonight instead of writing :-/

  8. Sweet photos.

    Today I'm catching up on several different things both home and writing related. Last week I was lazy.

  9. Such cute pictures! Good luck waiting on feedback - is it just me or is writing-related waiting the worst kind?

    My goal is to get caught up on non-writing things this week, and to dive back into revisions (even though my motivation is somewhat lacking). Happy Monday!

  10. Umm...I'm not embracing the week like that, either. I wish! We are just coming back from spring break, which was not long enough, IMO. I'm hoping to finish my latest round of revisions this week. We'll see. :-)

  11. I just love writing, so whenever I have the time to do it, I embrace it...especially when it's working on a novel.

  12. Now those piccies really made my day - MY FRIEND! I wonder whose delectable daughter that is??? Such a princess....
    And that TAIL is almost as impressive as DONKEYS!
    It's time for my family to go away this week - we were supposed to go last week BUT..things happened. I'll take my laptop with me though but I'll only connect for around 30 mins a day - Hubby and 2 Hells Angels (Peter and Matthew) have forbidden more.
    So - in case you don't hear from me for 2 or 3 days - I'm thinking about you!
    Have a productive week everyone!

  13. LOL! In that last one she looks like she's afraid she's about to get a monkey on her back.

    And yeah, that's about how I feel this Monday--I'm avoiding monkeys too. :o)

  14. I totally wanted to say "Swiper, No Swiping" but Jon beat me to it.

    I've got binders and paper spread out on the floor as I attempt to block the timeline of the WIP. It sure looks like I'm in progress. ;)

  15. I love that first picture. Makes me wish I was running towards Monday, instead of running the other direction!!


  16. Just struggling to find the time to complete the final read-through. Getting close, which is giving me some motivation to work harder.

  17. Fun pictures!
    My goal this week is to get my last two writing assignments done for my online class then write a blog about it. Plus I need to keep tackling my laundry pile. I'm getting there, but eight days away with five persons in the family and the pile on Saturday was tall and wide!
    Reading was my last week's goal and I did lots of it!!

  18. Sounds like you have a great week planned. Going through a whole novel is a lot. I'm working on cutting words out of mine in 50 page sections. Since Friday, I've cut 1000 words and am only 1/3 done.

  19. J--So funny! And, thanks.

    Paul--that's fantastic, I hope you get that sucker off. And, it's wonderful that you're meeting with real-life, in the flesh writers! I hope it goes well, and works out for you.

    Lori--I'm with you on the spring cleaning. If it gets done,then so much more can be accomplished! Good luck!

    T--You'll push past--I know it. And the time you've spent will make the book so strong. It's definitely worth it. I'll help out in any way I can--good luck this week!

    Laura--A break is fine. And, I like to think I'm a little closer to submission than I actually probably am. But, I'll get there! Thanks for the support!! Good luck with your own writing this week!

    Dena--I know, Dora is a bit much! And, sometimes I think you've got to go with the blahs to get out the other side. Still, I'm sorry! I hope you find some writing time this week.

    Bish--thanks! Well, we can't be super productive every week--I think that slowing down and being lazy definitely has it's place. Good luck finding the motivation this week!

  20. Anna--writing related feedback waiting is definitely the worse kind. Definitely. Good luck with being productive in both your writing and other stuff--I'm sure the motivation will come!

    Shannon--Good luck with your revisions! We have yet to have our spring break--I'm looking forward to it! And, it's great to keep moving forward--some day the latest round of revisions will morph into the last round of revisions, I just know it.

    Anita--that's simply wonderful. I wish that revisions knocked my socks off. Good luck with writing this week!

    Ann Marie--Have a fabulous time! I'll miss you! I'm so glad that you're going to have time with your family!

  21. Jackee--LOL. I know. I was a little afraid about monkey retaliation, too. She pulled his tail more than once. I was also wondering if Dora was about to step up...

    Kris--LOL. And I love the visual of spreading out my novel and really looking at it. That's so cool--I hope you get what you need to out of it!

  22. Shelley--I know, me too. I'm feel so blessed that she was actually running at ME!!! Good luck this week!

    Matt--You sound very close. Good luck both finding the motivation, and getting to where you need to go this week. Exciting!

    Kelly--Great, doable goals! Except, of course, the laundry. I think getting to the bottom of the laundry pile is just as mythical as finishing a revision... But maybe you'll Get There, and be able to tell me different!! :)

  23. Natalie--I'm actually just working on the last third of the novel. So, in theory, it's doable. Good luck with your cutting. It sounds like you've divided it into manageable pieces!

  24. So now I'm offically following your blog twice. I thought that when we tried to follow a blog it would tell us if we'd already joined. Hmm.

  25. Laura--That has happened to me at some blogs too. I think you can follow and google friend follow. I haven't bothered Jon and made him explain it to me--he's my go to tech guy. :) We'll just say you love me double. :)