Thursday, October 28, 2010


I just wanted to pop in for a moment, and tell you that there will be a FABULOUS Halloween Party at 11 PM EST Sunday night in Tina's AWESOME THE PRACTICE ROOM.  Not enough adjectives for you yet?  Then stop on by!! We'll be chatting about all things writing until the clock hits midnight when we all turn into pumpkins the NaNo-ers start pumping out words.  You don't have to be a NaNo-er to come by and hang out--Tina is open and affirming.  She really is--she's very honest and very supportive.  And, I guarantee a good time and laughs.  So, consider yourself invited!!

And, if you are doing NaNo, come and FRIEND ME already.  I'm HeatherLane over there (the old die hard blog followers will remember that alias!)

Oh, and you are all also cordially invited to another SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS interview HERE tomorrow.  Please stop by!!

If you are unsure about what to expect at the Practice Room, Tina explains it here.  I'm hoping that Tina will leave the chat room up all night, in case I need to go back in for support and silliness.  Not that I'm going to be writing ALL NIGHT LONG. But, yay, so much fun!!  See you here tomorrow, and there on Sunday!!


  1. THANKS, HK, for the plug. It is gonna be silly because it will be past everyone's bedtime and about time to start writing already! There has been some impatience in The Practice Room lately.

    Looking forward to the FF tomorrow.

  2. What? You're not writing all 50K words on the first night? ;-)

    Best of luck with NaNo!

  3. I really ought to be in bed by that time ... but if I'm not, I'll be sure to stop by and cheer you all on!


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