Thursday, February 17, 2011

Face Time: At the Grille

Okay, so, I apologize for the dead air that has been filling my blog--I hope you all have been busy too. I'm going on a trip soon, so it's only going to get worse before it gets better. But, bear with me; I have been having fun experimenting with different types of writing an collaborating that I will share with you--all in due time!

A few nights ago, Kris put together a fabulous kidlit night out at the Westford Grille, and I was so excited to hang out with other writers! Martha, Nandini and I hopped into my SUV, and we braved all sorts of back, rural, dark New England roads (we waved at Walden Pond) until we came out into the dubious civilization of Westford.

We talked libraries and writing, and commiserated over how long this process takes, especially with family and life and all that good stuff thrown in. I really enjoyed talking with everyone--old friends and new.

Me, with Lynda Mullaly Hunt and Jeanne Munn Bracken
Sometimes candids don't pan out. You can see Nandini way over to the left, Marissa Doyle in light grey, Natasha in pink,  Lynda in blue, and forgive me, other wonderful writers, but I didn't remember your names. I was sitting at the other table!

Martha, Deborah Kops, and Kris

Then, we hopped into my car to drive home, and realized (thanks, helpful random guys who tapped on my window!) that one of my tires was almost flat.

How many writers does it take to put air in a tire??

Nandini got advice on the phone from her hubby, Martha donated the quarters, 
and I aimed the air gun.
Martha and I posing for Nandini.
Miraculously, the tire held air all the way home. With no help from me. I discovered the tire's air valve cover IN MY POCKET once I got home. Evidently we needed one more writer to screw on the cap. :)

Thanks to all the lovely writers who came together the other night--and thanks Kris for setting it all into motion!! This kind of face time fuels my writing for a good long time. I came home inspired!

What face time have you had with other writers recently? How are you faring this winter? Any tire fiascoes adding color to your life?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Monday Meeting: Face Time

Good morning all!

I am am blogging less and writing and working out more. I'm hoping that once things shake out, I'll be able to do it all. Isn't that the hope? Or maybe that is the hype. I don't know.

I wanted to talk a bit about collaborations and interactions with other writers, and what that can look like. I know it's tempting to sit in a room with a cat, and just type away in solitude, but right now, with the help of a few friends (isn't that always the way?!) I am exploring some of the ways that we can all be connected through the desire to grow as writers. I was planning on placing this discussion on the blog on Wednesdays, but I'm morphing it with my Monday Meeting check in this week.

Because I want to know where you are with your search for co-workers. For Betas, for crit partners, for support. Are you seeking? Are you blogging? Are you most comfortable with solitary writing? What was your idea (when you started) about writing partners and such? Have your views changed as you've immersed yourself in this blogging world? Tell me where you are coming from so I can inform my discussion for Wednesday.

This week I am writing and revising and writing and shoveling snow and critting and starting this discussion of what collaboration writing style looks like. I'm calling the discussion Face Time, since that is what I love--face time with other writers.

And, in the spirit of new beginnings: