Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Feature: Where Are They Now

Hello, all!!  Welcome to a very special Friday Feature--one I've been thinking about doing for a while.  

Many of my interviewees in my Friday series, Journeys Toward Publication and Beyond, have moved on to yet another level.  I want to take a moment to spotlight their accomplishments.  And give everyone the feeling of progress and forward motion.  Keep your eyes on the prize, people!  It does, can, and will happen.  Here's the proof:

Anna gets a BOOK DEAL!!  

Yay!! Anna's MY UN-FAIRY TALE LIFE will be published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky in Fall 2011.  Here's where Anna spills the BIG NEWS and describes her book that is soon to be sold IN STORES!!  Here's where Anna talks (at Adventures in Children's Publishing) about how this book wasn't the book that she thought would be THE ONE.  But it was!!  Woo-hoo Anna!  Congrats again!  And, I'm happy to continue the trend I started with Anna for the next person who gets a book deal-- celebratory cheesecake (although I think she got a chocolate mousse).  If that isn't motivation enough, then I don't know what's going to kick you in the butt and get you writing!!  Cheesecake on me!!  Here's Anna's Friday Feature interview, in case you want to say you knew her when... 

Terry Lynn gets an agent!!  And cover art for DOGSLED DREAMS!!

Yay Terry!  Terry signed with Caryn Wiseman of Andrea Brown Literary Agency. ::swoon::  Here's her interview at Adventures in Children's Publishing describing how she snagged her agent.  Here's her post at her blog shouting the news.  And, here is her cover art for DOGSLED DREAMS, which is due out in January 2011!!  Isn't it beautiful?! Oh, and Terry has an awesome new website for DOGSLED DREAMS and an article published this month about Summer Sled Dogs.  Congrats, Terry--and OMG--do you even have time to sleep?  Here's Terry's Friday Feature way back when...

Anita gets an agent!!

Anita signed with Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency. Woo-hoo!! Congrats, Anita!! Here's where she spills the beans, and here is where she outlines how it happened. Here's an interview with Anita at Adventures in Children's Publishing.  Do you see a trend here?  Get thee to the Adventures in Children's Publishing blog posthaste, people!! Clearly, it's where all the coolest people with rising careers go!  Yay Anita!  Here is Anita's Friday Feature interview if you want a blast from the past...


Okay, so it's not exactly a new publishing deal, but I just had to weigh in as soon as I finished Dianne's book, WE HEAR THE DEAD.  I couldn't put it down!! The book sucked me right into Maggie Fox's world (I even cried at one point).  It is a wonderfully written historical fiction.  Dianne, I'd be super happy to treat you to some cheesecake.  :)  Here's Dianne's heart warming Friday Feature, where she told us how her book was published--first through self publishing, and then with Sourcebooks.  What a roller-coaster ride! Soon she'll be telling us about the movie deal, right Dianne?


Last, but most certainly, not least, Erica's second MAGICKEEPERS, THE PYRAMID OF SOULS enthralled my whole family!  If you aren't familiar with this MG series, check it out--you won't be disappointed!  I love all of Erica's books, Adult, and MG alike, and can't wait until she publishes a YA.  She's versatile, and prolific.  And her blog is an amazing gift to writers everywhere.  Yay, Erica!!  Here's Erica's Friday Feature, where she talks about writing the first MAGICKEEPERS...

I hope that everyone has found this update as motivating and encouraging!  If I have missed anyone's big news, please forgive me, and let me know.    And, keep your eye on the promised cheesecake!! 


  1. Hooray for all the good news! There is nothing more motivating than the promise of cheesecake. :-)

  2. Congratulations Anna, Terry Lynn, Anita, and Erica! And Heather, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed We Hear the Dead.

    I would say that I'm sorry I made you cry ... but that's kind of what I was going for at that point in the story. (I'm guessing I know which one.) At least let me offer you an electronic kleenex.

  3. Congrats on their hard work turning to good fortune!! What a great idea to post this, Heather!

  4. Thanks for the updates, Heather! Great news for everyone--and inspiration for the rest of us!

  5. Thanks for the updates Heather! It's great to hear success stories! Congrats to all of those listed!

  6. o m g

    I so want cheesecake right now. Wow.

    Heather, this post is amazing, prolific, and motivational.

    I can't wait to make your list in some sort of fashion.

  7. What fabulous news! I think your post inspires us all!

  8. Great post, Heather. We love to spread the great news of our writerly friends. These ladies were generous enough to guest blog for us. We're SO proud of them! Thanks for the mention :)

  9. Heather-this was an excellent way to show forward motion! Congrats to everyone and only good juju in the future too.

  10. WOW! What a surprise to cruise through my favorite blogs, catching up with what's happening, and finding this post!! I called my whole family over to see it. Thanks for making my night!

    And kudos to all the other writers for all their success!

    Heather, I can't wait to brag on my blog about your soon-to-be book deal!

    Thanks so much for all you do for the writing community!

  11. Lots of good things going on in the writing community...I know of a few others that have sold books this past year and or gotten agents. :)

  12. Yeah, I love Adventures in Children's.. BUT, clearly you have a little luck to rub off too! Congrats to everyone!! Good portents of things to come for all hard working writers.

  13. What an awesome post, Heather!! LOVED it - so inspirational!!!

    Congrats to EVERYONE!!

  14. Yay! Such awesome news and your celebration of it is lovely. I love that I can say I knew them when!

  15. Anna--Congrats again! I think there is nothing more motivation than hearing a friend gets a book deal. I'm over the moon.

    Dianne--I'm glad I cried. Thanks for the virtual hankie. Awesome job. I'm duly impressed!

    Kelly--It is so wonderful to see that the hard work does pay off!!

    A. Grey--I'm hoping there are more updates soon to follow! Have a great vacation!

    Jon--I have faith that you will be earning your cheesecake someday soon--You're an inspiration right now on the idea front, keep following that muse!!

    Kittie--All these accomplishments definitely inspire me!!

    Marissa/Martina--Thanks for stopping by--your blog is such an awesome inspiration and fountain of knowledge! I'm ALWAYS happy to plug.

    Jenny--It's so cool to see people go forward on their journey. And it can be such a long one--I need constant reminding that I can indeed get to the next step! Thanks for stopping by!

    Terry--You know that I'm your number one fan! I'm SO glad I made your night!!

    Sharon--I know--it was a great year for kidlit writers, right?! Congrats to everyone who is moving forward!! Let us all use their momentum to inspire ours!!

    Lisa--WELL SAID!!


    TINA--Welcome BACK! YAY!!

  16. Congratulations to Anita, Anna, and Terry Lynn. Hearing success stories like theirs gives those of us still struggling hope that we, too, may someday land an agent.

    You have a delightful blog, Roland

  17. Heather - you are the best KidLit, YA blog den mother ever! Thank you for watching over all of us!

  18. Congrats everyone!!! I don't know how I missed this post last Friday! Sounds like a lot of wonderful books!

  19. Roland--Hi! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the kind words!

    ROBERT! Hello--it's so good to *see* you!

    Laura--Hi. The books were indeed wonderful! I'm looking forward to reading the to-be-published books as well!!

  20. Thanks for sharing all the great news. It's all so inspiring.

  21. Natalie--Hi! I agree. It's definitely inspiring!


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