Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Game, and A Fish (two, actually)


A Game:
Consider yourself invited!  W.I.B.I.J. starts today at 1:00 PM EST, and lasts ALL NIGHT LONG!!

A Fish:
And, one day later...

A Second Fish (as close in coloring as I could find to that first poor guy):
Seriously???  That tiny goldfish needs THIS much room???

It reminds me of my writing, though.  First off, don't kill the draft!!! Condition the words as you revise.  Give it enough room to grow.  And use a constantly running filter to process all the crap that accumulates.

Next post, NESCBWI inspirations and photos.  I hope to see you at WIBIJ today!


  1. Love this visual. I'm going to pop this one into our best articles This Week for Writers on Friday. Just can't figure out whether it goes under Inspiration or Just for Fun.... Hmmm. Tough decision.

  2. H, you and your analogies kill me.

    No, seriously, my want to 1up you is overwhelming. :P

  3. Not killing your first draft is very very important! :)

  4. Give yourself permission to write a terrible first draft! Then, revise. But get the words on paper even if it kills you.


  5. ACP-- Aww, that's sweet. I forgot to add the final ingredient that fish and writers both need--a place to hide, when necessary!

    Jon--drat. And I thought that I was only killing fish this week. And, BRING IT ON!!!

    Laura--although CLS told us to delete that first draft didn't she? Harsh words, harsh words. But I agree, it's good not to kill that draft.

    Kris--LOL--I loved what you imparted on your blog today--write to your strengths, revise to your weaknesses! That Lisa Papademetriou sounds like one intelligent writer!


    Good for Marissa and Martina to recognise your SHEER GENIUS....mind you - even a blind man could SEE that...OK - NOT feeling creative/original today!

    Couldn't make the game as am BOGGED down in exams till the end of the month...lots of my comments yesterday seemed to whizz off into cyberspace and some stayed missing...THANKS FOR YOUR E-MAIL! It was a true story - unfortunately!

    REALLY looking forward to your next post!

  7. Oh, poor fish. But yes, as I've said before, don't delete anything! I don't care how bad that draft is - you can hide it, but don't discard it!

  8. Anna--I'm nervously watching replacement Goldie as we speak. Keep your fingers crossed! And, I'm listening--DON'T DELETE!


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