Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun and What in the World is That W.I.B.I.J.?! Thing They Are Talking About?

Well, not only have I been furiously working on revisions, but Jon, Tina, and I have been working on a "secret" project. A super fun, secret project. W.I.B.I.J.?!-- Where In the Blogosphere is Jon?! It was inspired by how prolific and glittery Jon is about blog commenting.

It's a crazy game to get some traffic to your own blog, discover some blogs you've never been to before, and just blow off stream from this roller coaster called writing. I invite all of you to go and check it out. There is a game in progress until 1 PM EST today (so you've gotta head over there quick!) Poke around and play, and have some fun. See if you can win the Award for Best Comment.

We are going to properly unveil it at a later date, but I wanted to give my loyal followers a sneak peek!

Come back and tell me what you think! (And feel free to leave comments there, as well, and fill out the feedback form. We're crazy about feedback!)

Also, I just registered for the NESCBWI spring conference. Who's with me?

And, I've been having fun reading about the journeys of the published writers at Teen Fiction Cafe. Some very truthful and revealing stories there.

Oh--and in the excitement about W.I.B.I.J.?! I almost forgot to mention the awesomely cool event I'm attending on Thursday night. Authors Kelly Link, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black will be there! And it's a fundraiser for a children's hospital! Didn't I tell you how wonderful my local Indie bookstore was??

What kind of fun are you having this week?


  1. Oh, you know, just a normal week for me.


    Gosh, when is NESCBWI?

  2. So totes jealous about NESCBWI, especially the NE part.

    So totes stoked about W.I.B.I.J.?! I wonder if anyone's figured out to pronounce the acronym. Have we ever discussed?! I say 'wibbage'.

  3. Tina--LOL.
    NESCBWI is May 14-16, although I'm only going for the 15th. I think I'll link to it.

    Jon--I can't wait for the conference.
    I have been saying "wibbage" in my head for a while now. Are you telling me you can't hear my thoughts?! Bummer. Although, that might account for why we're still friends. There's some weird stuff rolling around in my head.

  4. I can't even handle my excitement about W.I.B.I.J!!!

    I'm easily entertained!
    Thanks for letting me a part of it!

  5. Dena--you were awesome! Isn't it such fun? Thanks so much for playing!

  6. Totally jealous about your news!! I am still thankful our only bookstore is staying open...

  7. I think I missed all the fun -- but I am going to the NESCBWI. Can't wait!

  8. Jon--that is something to be happy about in these tough times.

    Kris--I'm so excited about NESCBWI! I'll be happy to see some faces I know!

  9. Wibbage it is! I am so impressed with what you all did with that. Can I mention it on my blog too or should I wait til the big announcement?
    I love SCBWI conferences (okay, I've only been to one, but it was awesome), very cool you are going. And have fun Thursday nite, too!

  10. sounds great - heading over there now. congrats on the upcoming conference. I'm just deciding about going to one myself!

  11. Crazy that the NESCBWI conference wasn't even a year ago yet. And that you won't both be with me at the NorthWEST SCBWI conference... I liked thinking that we'd started a tradition last year. Instead of tradition, it's more dynamic - check out our writing lives now! Thanks, btw, for being my date to that first conference.

  12. Kelly--feel free to talk about Wibbage. We're excited about getting it off the ground! I loved the conference last year. So much fun.

    Terry--I can't wait for the conference. I hope you decide to go to one. They're wonderful events.

    Robert--I can't believe it's been less than a year! I so wish I could be your date at the SCBWI conference near you--maybe we'll have to plan a visit around these two events next year. We can always dream, right? I'm a little bummed that I'm flying solo this time--but I'm sure I'll see people I 'know' from blogging. Maybe I'll buy a Blue Board pin before I go!

    And, I think we're just taking a year off of the tradition. :)


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