Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awarding Awards!

Casey, over at Literary Rambles was kind enough to give me the Silver Lining Award. Thanks so much Casey! I really appreciate the sentiment behind this award!

Well, what better day to hand out awards, than a day when I am gripped by a Migraine. Especially this award. The Silver Lining Award. The silver lining to my complete body spiral to hell today? That it will be another 30 days before I have the possibility of experiencing another one. Thirty blissful days during which I know that I am going to be migraine free. And, although my dark glasses aren't rose colored, they do give me new perspective. So, on to the awarding.

(Drumroll, please!)

To Anna: For supporting anyone who happens to land at her blog, for very sweetly accepting my offer to meet over coffee (not really knowing me from Eve), and for just being a sweatheart in general. Thanks Anna!

To Jon: For spewing enthusiasm all over the blogosphere. Man, you have to get up early in the day to comment at any writerly blog before Jon. I'm pretty sure he'll be ruling the blog world sometime soon--and his enthusiasm reminds me of glitter--once you start shaking it around, it spreads EVERYWHERE! Insidious! We need more of this kind of enthusiasm to keep us afloat while facing revisions or rejections. Rock on, Jon!

To Tina: For just being awesome! For being a revision partner for me and providing the encouragement that I need to jumpstart the current round of revisions. Thanks Tina!

To Laura: For a fantastically optimistic and funny blog. Monday she confessed that she was turning into a crocodile. Great stuff--go check it out. And, for supporting me every time I hang out at her blog. Thanks Laura!

The "rules" state that you should pass on these awards to five other people, notify them, and post it on your blog. But, really, the awards are yours now, to do with as you wish!

And I am holding onto to my final award to give away at a later date. Not because I don't think that there are other bloggers that I could award it to--there are plenty others that I follow because of their positivity. But the somebody that I have in mind isn't available right now to accept it. So stay tuned.

The bottom line (as I see it) to these awards, is that I get to say that I am glad I don't have to do this writing thing alone. And these are just a few of the people who help me stay on the upswing of my writing. Thanks everyone! Now, I'm going to go sit in a dark room and lie perfectly still.


  1. Boy, talk about graceful. You do that really well! Thank you very much for thinking of me, it is great to be able to support you and it is in no way one sided. This is what blogging should be about--or at least it is why I am in it(not the award, working together that is!).

  2. Thank you! That was so nice of you. Now someone needs to explain how I get the icon thing on my side bar. I'm entering into new territory here. Help.

  3. Tina--You're welcome. You deserve all the accolades this week! I agree, this give and take, and support is what the blogging world should be all about.

  4. Laura--I don't know how your blogging site is set up, but I was able to add a picture gadget to the side of my blog. I then copied the picture (by right-clicking on it) to my computer, and then uploaded it to the gadget on my blog. I'm sure there is more than one way to do it. Good luck!

  5. Congrats on the award to your and your recipients! :-)

  6. Loved your vibrant, positive comments about everyone! Congrats!
    Sorry about your migraine though! (curious, how do you know you won't have another for a month?)

  7. Thanks so much, Heather! It was lovely meeting you for coffee (and confirming that you're not an axe murderer). I hope you're feeling better!

  8. Thanks Heather, I'll give it a whirl. You'll know it worked when you see it on my sidebar. Hey, did you get my interview questions, because it might have bounced back to me.


  9. Congrats on the award and on the award winning way that you passed it on. All that positive energy you are putting out there goes a long way for everyone. Thanks, Heather!

  10. Thanks Kelly!

    I consulted my crystal ball. No, actually, my migraine is hormonal. I have a predisposition to one once a month, because of hormone fluxes. (Is that a word?) So--yay, 30 days of freedom!

  11. Laura--I was wondering about the questions. I did not get them. Please resend (why don't you use my other e-mail hegkelly@gmail.com)

  12. Paul--you were on my short list--but PMM beat me to it. Congrats on your Silver Lining Award, too!

  13. So...this is awkward...but make sure you head over to my blog today, Heather.


  14. Jon--Thanks so much. That was too funny. You made my day!

  15. Anna--sorry--somehow I skipped replying to your comment. We'll blame that oversight on the migraine.

    Hmm. Sometimes I do axe the English language. But hopefully I revive it in revision.

    Coffee was fun. Thanks!


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